How to Use a Desktop Background Organizer + Free Download


Sharing how to use a desktop background organizer, plus a free download.

If there is one thing that’s sure to get my anxiety to rise it’s catching sight of a cluttered and disorganized computer desktop background. We’ve all been there, where we download things from the internet or store oodles of pictures all over our desktop. (I lie, I actually have never done that because my mind literally cannot handle the mess.)

I’ve always kept my desktop background really minimal and just haven’t really resorted to ever storing anything there. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I started creating my own desktop backgrounds where I could drag things to those areas on my screen and keep them organized and readily accessible. I thought it was finally time to share how to use a desktop background organizer (plus there’s a free download for your own at the end of this post) so you to can feel the calm.

The concept is really quite simple. Rather than having a pretty picture of your family in the background (that you never really stare at anyways), you utilize an organizing image as your desktop background. As you’ll see here with my custom template, there’s a subtle background design and then plenty of defined boxes where you can sort and organize the files that must live on your desktop.

These categories include:

  • Files to be categorized
  • To be read
  • Work in progress
  • Hard Drives
  • Photos to be edited
  • Passion Projects
  • Blog Posts

(we created two versions depending on your needs)

As a photographer and creative with my own business, Modish Digital, I’m always plugging in backup hard drives hence there is a place for them live on my desktop. Every time I unplug or plug them back in, they go right back to their designated spot.

The same goes for folders of images that need to be edited or blog posts that have to be written. I also download a lot of great e-books from a handful of my favorite sites and since I can rarely read them right then, I drag them into their category to be read later.

This simple desktop background organizer the perfect tool to bring a little semblance to your computer and you’ll also find yourself way more productive because you aren’t searching for that coveted file.

Download my version (that you see here) or our secondary version for whatever fits your needs. Simply click below and then right click to save the file.

Version 1 / Version 2

This beautiful desktop organizer design comes on the heels of a beautiful brand refresh that’s happening over on Modish Digital this week. Keep an eye out for the new look!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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