Why I’m Doing a Dry August


I’ll be honest, I’ve been eager for August 1st to arrive. My summer has been amazing, but from traveling to Vancouver, celebrating the 4th of July, a family vacation to Lake Tahoe and then my birthday …. it takes a toll on my body. That’s why I’m committing to a dry August. That’s right, 30 days without drinking.

Stagg Gooseneck Matte Black Kettle from Crate and Barrell | Modish and Main

Last August I got to this same point and did a dry August as well. The results felt amazing! Not only did I not consume ANY alcohol, but I made a serious commitment to kick ass in the gym and eat really healthy, nutritious meals.

Guess what? I lost 12 pounds.

It wasn’t even about losing the weight necessarily, I just wanted my mind and body to feel better. It’s good for us to hit the reset button every once in awhile. Not only will you start to feel a TON better, but you’ll sleep better, your skin will clear up and your wallet will thank you too.

I even went so far this year and asked for a tea kettle for my birthday. I’m obsessed with this matte black gooseneck design by Stagg that’s available at Crate & Barrel. From guzzling water, to sipping on tea and making fresh protein smoothies and green juices in the morning, I’m ready to conquer this month as healthy as I can be.

Since I am new to the tea world, can you guys comment below with some suggestions of your favorite teas? I’m looking for ones to start my morning with, maybe have one in the afternoon and I’d love to find one to sip on before bed.

Even better, if you’re hopping on board and willing to have a dry August as well … let me know so we can be there to support one another because there are definitely going to be tough times ahead!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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