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Work from bed with a cup of coffee | Modish and MainHello, Hello!! I’m still here, I’m still alive. To be completely honest, I can’t believe that it’s already January 20th and this is my first blog post of the New Year. What the heck happened to the first 20 days?

Oh I know… I was diving head first into running my creative marketing / photography business over at Modish Digital.  While this lifestyle blog is a true love of mine, it’s not paying 100% of the bills (yet). When I’m not working on this (which clearly hasn’t been much lately), I’m producing beautiful content for small brands that incorporates my love for photography and my passion for creative marketing. These past 6 months Modish Digital has grown tremendously & I’m still trying to figure out that work / life balance thing. As you can tell by my lack of posts this year, I need a lot of help in that department.

Stay with me though because I have lots of ideas for great content here on Modish & Main and another SUPER EXCITING project that will be launching very soon!

As for this weekend, I’m lying low because I caught this nasty cold that’s been going around. It gives me time to work on completing a few projects before we take off for our annual ski trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado this coming Wednesday! Please, please let it keep snowing!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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