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In My Handbag (v1)


As someone who loves handbags (and shoes!) and switches them out frequently, I think it’s fun to see what women carry in their bags and what the essentials are!

This week, I’ve been using my mint crossbody satchel from Target. I will make the occasional “big ticket” purchase on a designer handbag that I know I’ll have forever, but to find great, everyday options … turn to Target! (psst … Target just announced that 3.1 Phillip Lim is their next collaboration!!)

in my handbag // mint target crossbody

in my handbag // target mint crossbody

Surprisingly, this crossbody has so much room to carry your everyday essentials and LOTS of little zipper compartments (which is an absolute necessity in all of my handbags!). 

rewards card holder and headphones

I carry this sleek, purple ÖGON card holder for all my reward cards, and a few miscellaneous cards as well. It’s a perfect way to keep them organized and with you at all times.

aquaphor, elf lipstick and earrings

Always, always, always with me is Aquaphor and then at least 1 to 2 other lipstick or glosses. A nail file can usually be found in every bag (previous nail biter) and also jewelry of some sort!

wallet and business card holder

I carry my business/networking cards in this fabulous Lodis card holder that I adore. My mom gave this to me as a gift a few years back and I just love how “unbulky” it is and virtually non-existent in your handbag in terms of weight or size.

To  hold my cash & credit, I’m currently using this great little Coach wallet with a lotus flower imprint on it that I purchased in the San Francisco Airport of all places. As you can tell, I can’t stand clutter or bulk so this works great to hold the essential cards and some cash.

Are you loyal to one or two specific handbags or switch them out often like me? How about what’s inside, is that pretty standard too? Would love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend!


3 comments on “In My Handbag (v1)”

  1. Love it. Now I’m going to have to pick up some of these little gems and implement your purse content swap-out system. Do you keep the makeup in the side pockets of a handbag and just transfer over when you switch bags?

    1. The “lipsticks” just get moved from side pocket to side pocket in each purse. If it’s not within reach, I won’t use it. I do have a “touch up” makeup bag that only comes on an as needed basis. The key to easy bag swaps is having nothing “loose.”

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