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A Jaw-Dropping Home Office Makeover Reveal


The suspense is over. I’m sharing my jaw-dropping home office makeover reveal!

A white with wood design home office makeover reveal by Modish and Main

To say that I’m excited to reveal my home office makeover simply doesn’t do it justice. It’s still a jaw-dropping transformation for me, but I am so thrilled with how light, bright and refreshing my new workspace is! While my previous office design was fitting for the industrial design I was originally going for, I simply couldn’t handle the darkness of the space any longer. I now get to show up for work each day in a home office that inspires me to create beautiful content for hours on end.

Now let’s get into the details as to what’s changed, what I added, what I took away and at the very bottom I’ll list all the resources.

A clean, white with wood design home office makeover reveal by Modish and Main

Obviously, the major change here was the wall color! Gone is the charcoal grey and it was replaced by “Cool December” by Dunn Edwards. The color was recommended by Ashley from Arrows & Bows and I couldn’t be happier with it. The white really doesn’t show any undertones of yellow or blue. It’s a true neutral.

To cover up the charcoal grey, the painters (heck yes I had it hired out) had to do 3 coats of paint, but the result is AMAZING. It instantly changed the entire room before I had even put back in the furniture. I was doing a happy dance after just the first coat.

Fun Fact — Sean loathes the color white and didn’t want any of the walls in our house white from the moment we moved in. Most of the house is painted in shades of light grey, so I finally made the decision to paint the one room in the house that’s all mine, WHITE.

A clean, white with wood design home office makeover reveal by Modish and MainThere are two other big changes that took place in my new home office.  I got new boards for my industrial wood shelving & my metal media cabinet is now in the living room. Once the room got painted white, I realized just how red-toned my wood boards were. There were so drastic in comparison to my desk & went against the light, bright & airy look I was aiming for. Good news is that to replace the boards only cost me about $60 and we’re going to use the old boards for the man cave.

As much as I thought I would miss the media cabinet from Restoration Hardware (which I definitely did for a good week), I landed upon these sleek white shelving units from The Container Store that are perfect! I grabbed 2 sets of the Essence 3-Tier Console Table and 1 unit of the Essence 4-Tier Tower to hold my camera gear.

Instead of placing them back under the industrial wood shelving, I put them under the front windows to create the illusion of more space in the room. This decision actually allowed me to place my desk in a new spot as well!

A white with wood design home office makeover reveal by Modish and Main

The Container Store white shelves in a home office makeover reveal | Modish and Main

Since I recently did a home office shelving redesign with an ode to minimalism, I didn’t change up too much how they were decorated. I wanted to keep my love of photography & family in my space as they inspire me daily.

DIY Industrial wood shelves in a clean, white home office makeover reveal | Modish and Main

DIY Industrial wood shelves decorated in a clean, white home office makeover reveal | Modish and Main

DIY Industrial wood shelves decorated in a clean, white home office makeover reveal | Modish and Main

What I did add was more greenery! I’m obsessed with Bloomscape and actually purchased two potted Golden Pothos recently and placed one here in the home office. It’s already started cascading and it brings me such joy. If you’re unaware of what Bloomscape is, you basically choose a plant based on your needs and it arrives potted in these beautiful terra cotta pots ready to go. LImited green thumb experience needed.

I also placed some real (and faux) succulents throughout the shelves and butcher block desk. Since I’ve taken these pictures, I purchased some more from Trader Joe’s for just $3.99 each! Greenery does such wonders for a space and I talked about how I incorporate greenery into my wellness / work life routine on a recent post here.

A clean, white with wood design home office makeover reveal by Modish and Main

The (DIY) desk got a fresh coat of butcher block oil that really brought it back to life. Instead of facing the back wall, I now have the desk coming out from the wall which provides me room on the side and behind me. It only took me 3 different arrangements to figure out what works!

I got rid of my dingy shag rug even though it was super cute, it was not conducive with Golden Retriever dog hair! In its replacement, I found this beautiful bohemian rug from World Market that ties in the tones of the wood shelves and adds a little pattern to the room. I can’t believe what a difference a rug makes to a room!

What you are seeing is the one area of my new home office that isn’t completed. I haven’t decided what to do with this back wall. Initially, I wanted to do a statement wall with wallpaper, but upon seeing the cost of removable wallpaper I didn’t pull the trigger. That got me thinking that instead I either want to frame a piece of my photography or purchase a beautiful handmade tapestry that continues to add character to my office. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide!

The only thing I purchased for my desktop were these natural canvas storage boxes from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target that store some office necessities and receipts. I have this thing for not wanting things out on my desk.

DIY butcher block desk with bohemian patterned rug in a white home office makeover reveal | Modish and Main

Office Tip — use a purse hook to store your briefcase so it’s easily accessible when you’re running off to your next meeting.

DIY butcher block desk with bohemian patterned rug | Modish and Main

This home office makeover also made me streamline how I organize all my camera gear. I’ll be doing a more thorough post on this soon, but I love how this corner turned out!

The Container Store white shelves in a home office makeover reveal, plus how to organize your camera gear | Modish and Main

So…. was I successful with my jaw-dropping home office makeover reveal?!?! It feels like this big, dark weight has been lifted off my chest. I truly walk into my office each day now with this sense of excitement AND calmness. I’m truly inspired daily while sitting in my home office and love how throughout the day I still have a bright  & airy room that no longer feels like a cave.

Resources: White Essence 3-Tier Console Table | White Essence 4-Tier Tower | 5×8 Cotton Suri Area Rug | Natural Canvas Storage Box – Medium | Natural Canvas Storage Box – Small | Leather Backpack | Double Zip Leather Briefcase | DIY Butcher Block Desk Tutorial | White High Back Leather Desk Chair | Seagrass Basket with Handles | DIY Industrial Shelving Tutorial | Felt Letterboard | Market Tote (similar)

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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A white with wood design home office makeover reveal by Modish and Main



10 comments on “A Jaw-Dropping Home Office Makeover Reveal”

  1. What an INCREDIBLE transformation! You’ve done an amazing job as always! Can you just come out with your own home decor magazine already?! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the update, it has such a clean and light feel. I am now inspired to give my own office an update. Starting with the gorgeous butcher block desk! A few questions. How often do you have to oil the desk? What color are the floors? Did you treat the new wood planks before installing as shelves on the wall? thank you

    1. I’m so glad you’re inspired to do a little office refresh Stefanie! To answer your questions — I oil my desk 2x a year. My floors have a good mix of subtle brown and grey tones. I did a light sanding of the wood shelving and then applied a light coating of stain to them before hanging them up. Depending on the look you want will be what color stain to choose.

  3. What color stain did you use for the shelves? I like they they look nearly raw, but have some color to them. All the ‘natural’ stains I have seen have yellow undertones that I do not like!

  4. Looks awesome. As I am now telecommuting because of this “new normal,” I will be redesigning my home office. What size wood did you use for the shelves? Thanks!

    I cannot wait to build the desk!

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