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Adding some finishing touches to decor around your house can be as easy as shopping around the rooms in your own home! I had on my list to stop by our public library and see if they had a section of  old, used books that I could purchase for mere pennies. In the meantime, I was sorting through bins in the garage and seeing what I could discard and came across 10-15 books that I really didn’t need to keep packed away. It was either use them or get rid of them. In that instant, I knew I was going to give them new life on my shelves by simply wrapping them in kraft or chalkboard paper!

Kraft Paper Book Decor with Gold Lion Bookends | Modish and Main

Right now at Target, in the dollar section, you can get rolls of kraft or chalkboard paper for just $3 each. I already had a stack of these from my last trip and simply got right to work on making book covers. If you’re like me, it had been awhile since the last time I had to cover my books with recycled paper bags!

Follow these easy steps to create kraft paper book decor!

Supplies needed —
Kraft Paper

DIY Kraft Paper Book Covers | Modish and Main

Step 1 : Set your book down on the unrolled paper and measure 3″ on each side of the binding.

Step 2 : Depending if you have extra wide paper, you will need to trim the width down to about 1.5″- 2″ on both the top and the bottom. With this paper, I didn’t need to trim this down. 
DIY Kraft Paper Book Covers | Modish and Main

Step 3 : Fold the top and bottom portions of the paper to line up directly with the top and bottom edges of the book as shown here.

DIY Kraft Paper Book Covers | Modish and Main

Step 4 : Measure out 1/4″ from the edge of the book and then fold the paper inwards creating a flap. This allows for the book to be closed.

DIY Kraft Paper Book Covers | Modish and Main

Step 5 : Simply slide in the front and back covers into the little pockets that were created and you’re done!

Now you can decorate the spines however you wish! I simply created mock “Volumes” for this set, but I plan on getting a bit more creative with the next set I make for a different area of the house.

Kraft Paper Book Decor | Modish and Main

DIY Kraft Paper Book Covers | Modish and Main

These worked perfectly with the lion head bookends my Mom sent me a few weeks ago! I have a serious love for lions being that I’m a Leo and all and was so surprised and happy when these arrived at my doorstep. She ordered them through Joss & Main.

I stuck the kraft paper books and lion bookends on the top shelf in my home office. I really do love looking at them because it keeps with my rustic theme and the lions are such a big part of my personality! I hope you like them too. Kraft Paper Book Decor in Rustic Home Office | Modish and Main

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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