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When November comes around I’m immediately drawn to neutral tones that seem to reflect the landscape, the leaves falling from the trees and some of our favorite foods. I’ve noticed over the years that pops of color have slowly diminished from my wardrobe and even in my home decor. I chuckle when I think about my obscenely bright coral wall I had in our last home or when I carried a cobalt blue handbag. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either of them, I think it’s just the evolution of one’s personalty that slowly begins to get defined with each passing year.

With that being said, here are some of the things I’m into right now for this month’s November Edit.

Kristin' November Edit features soft, textural touches for the home, cozy knits, coveted ankles boots, a good book and a carry all handbag. | Modish and Main

(1) Although I couldn’t wear it too often, maybe just in the evenings, I’m swooning over how comfortable this knit tunic is from L.L. Bean. Pair it with jeans and ankle boots or even throw it over a pair of leggings with knee high boots for a casual day out. No one would blame you for wearing it just to cozy up on the couch either.

(2) I am totally into structured handbags right now and love the simplicity of this crossbody from Sole Society. Bonus for the extra front pocket and that it’s vegan leather so no animals were hurt for us to carry our wallets and lip glosses.

(3) Love me a good ankle boot! Well, who doesn’t? Slowly but surely I’m selling off my knee high riding boots simply because it doesn’t get cold enough for me to wear them as often as I’d like. In place of them though has become an onslaught of stylish ankle boots like this cross-stitch pair from Jeffrey Campbell. Breathable, comfortable with the small stacked heel and in a hue that can go with basically everything. Win-win!

(4) I have a love/hate relationship with scarves and right now they are on the upswing of loving them more lately. I tend to gravitate towards lightweight versions simply because of my location, but this subtle plaid print in neutral tones is absolute perfection. Bonus, it’s only $38.

(5) A clean burning candle that is made with all-natural ingredients and smells like an oatmeal cookie? Umm…. I’ll take a dozen please. Place these babies all over the kitchen and dining room and watch me eat a salad (ha, not likely!).

(06) Baskets are one of the greatest gifts to organizing + home decor. They not only look stylish out on display, but they can hold blankets, extra throw pillows, magazines, dog toys, a plant, etc. I strategically place them throughout the house to corral all sorts of items.

(07) As I’ve mentioned before, anywhere you look around my house it’s kept a pretty neutral tone with touches of natural elements. I’m eager to get my hands on these beautiful faux olive trees that comes in a set of 2 from Wayfair. Use them as tabletop decor, placed throughout the kitchen or even on a mantle. Really, they could go anywhere!

(08) This one probably isn’t coming as a surprise to many of you, but I can’t wait to get my hands on Chip & Joanna’s new book, The Magnolia Story. This duo is creating a mega empire & we all can’t stop watching!

(09) I’m really not in the business of looking for new dining chairs, but I came across these and just loved the neutral tones and play on textures. I think they’d look great up against a farm house table with those faux olive trees set on top.

(10) My fascination with hats never ceases to amaze me. The hunt for perfect versions in every shape, color and form is always on the forefront of my mind. I love this boater hat from Cotton On with it’s natural texture and simple black band. It can be worn all year long or on my next travels!

What kind of items are you lusting over this time of year? Are you already thinking past Thanksgiving and onto Christmas or are you living in the moment and letting Turkey Day have it’s moment in the sun?

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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  1. Your #1 pick caught my eye immediately. Such a pretty blue and even looks cozy! The olive trees are super cute and calming, I bet they’d look great in any home! About the Magnolia Story #yaaas. Love Chip and Joanna! I can’t wait to get a copy too. You’re right, we just can’t stop watching! Thanks for sharing this November Edit! Awesome choices all around! xo Holly

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