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With my birthday coming up this Saturday and I haven’t been shy about celebrating for the entire week … it’s clear that I’m a Leo! I would have to say that my personality closely resembles those of a typical “Leo” being that I’m (a) ambitious, (b) confident and (c) loyal. With that also comes a few not so great characteristics such as (a) stubborn, (b) stubborn and (c) stubborn. Ok! So I’m stubborn! 

Not just because I’m a Leo, but that I’m an animal lover in general … I adore lions. They are such a beautiful, majestic creature that lives by its own rules in such an exotic, extraordinary land. One day, I guarantee that I will be venturing to these lands to see it, and hopefully them, with my own eyes!

Wanted to share with you some of my favorite Leo finds!

Leo Love // Modish and Main


Maybe, just maybe, my love for Golden Retrievers stems from my adoration of lions in a domestic form. Ha ha ha ha … hear me out! They are both ridiculously cute and fluffy as pups/cubs, similar coloring (in the females at least) and are very loyal animals. I’m just saying ….

I’m thinking I need that insanely adorable Lion No.1 print from The Animal Print Shop in my new home office! These photographers have the BEST job in the world being able to shoot these incredible creatures. Jealous!

Have a great day & wishing all my fellow Leo’s a VERY Happy Birthday!

– Kristin

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