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Life Lately 1.0 - Day Trip to Ojai | Modish and MainI realized lately that the only place that I share what I’m doing in my everyday life is over on Instagram. Some of you may not follow me + with the crazy new algorithm there is actually a slim chance that you’re seeing all my recent content. I thought it’d be fun to share with you on occasion a Life Lately post that highlights what I’ve been up throughout the month thus far.

Let’s start with a few weekends ago when my girlfriend, Jill, and I spent the afternoon in sunny Ojai. Our first stop was as Tipple & Ramble. To put it simply, it’s a super cute picnic shop / wine bar with one of the best outdoor spaces I’ve seen yet. Even with the ample amount of shade, Ojai can get plenty warm so thankfully there is chilled rosé and white wine to cool you down. Let’s not even talk about how badly I want this table and bench!

Life Lately 1.0 - Day Trip to Ojai | Modish and Main

For the book lovers, you must stop at a Bart’s Books in Ojai. The nerd in me was geeking out over this outdoor bookstore with adorable little bistro tables to kick back & read a few chapters. Getting lost amongst the rows of books categorized by topics and authors is a peaceful way to spend a few hours.

Life Lately 1.0 - Day Trip to Ojai | Modish and Main

Last weekend my significant other and I drove north 20 minutes for lunch in Carpinteria. We actually tried Thai food for the first time and loved it! A post-lunch stroll to the beach and along Main Street made for a nice afternoon.

Movie night in with a charcuterie board complete with Italian meats, gluten free crackers & pretzels and imported cheese. Fun fact, I’m able to eat imported cheese (Italian, English, Irish) without breaking out in cystic acne. I don’t indulge very often, but when I do I’m in high heaven!

Life Lately 1.0 | Modish and Main

On the 21st we celebrated Dexie turning 9! This sweet girl has stole my heart and I’m never getting it back. There are the first signs of her slowing down a bit and her stubborn personality is only getting stronger, but I love every bit of it. We’re the best of buds and I look forward to spending the next week with her in Wisconsin with the rest of my family for Labor Day weekend.

Life Lately 1.0 - Dexie turns 9 | Modish and MainRemember how I told you that I was going to do a dry August? Well I’m 24 days in and haven’t slipped up yet. Don’t get the wrong, I have CERTAINLY wanted to. It seems to be Friday’s at 3:00pm when the desire to pour a glass of wine hits hard and then again on Saturday’s. Once I make it through the weekend I usually put it out of my mind. I’m on the home stretch and feeling great! I’ve been making fresh green juice most days and lots of açai bowls or protein smoothies with this artisan almond milk from Lux Milk in Camarillo.

We have no exciting plans over the weekend and I’ll be spending part of Sunday packing for my trip back to Wisconsin. I look forward to photographing some of my high school friend’s family holiday photos and then we’ll be heading to our condo on the lake for some end of the summer fun! Keep tabs on all the fun via Instagram (especially Instagram stories!).

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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