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Honestly, some of my favorite things to share are what other people are doing! I figure, why keep this great stuff to myself? If I love it, then I’m thinking maybe you will too!

heart_nobck  Anybody else ready for a tropical vacation? Here are some great packing essentials.

heart_nobck After getting mentally packed for vacation, who’s ready for a delicious Beer Margarita?

heart_nobck I love everything created by Inslee, including this fab drawing about a linen company.

heart_nobck Seriously in love with the styling of Alaina’s Chicago apartment featured on The Everygirl!

heart_nobck Learn how to travel & still look stylish with Victoria from vmac & cheese.

heart_nobck I’m at LuckyFABB and you can be too! Here’s a great place to see everyone’s snapshots!

*LuckyFABB is a Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Conference hosted by Lucky Magazine twice a year in New York and Los Angeles.

Have a great weekend!

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