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Living Room Design with Swatchpop!


It took me until the 18 month mark of living in our home until I finally had enough and asked for help with our living room design from the team at Swatchpop!

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Let’s start off looking at how beautiful our living room design is currently before we jump to a photo of the before. Even though it’s the most used room in our house, it was the last to receive any design effort. I was pretty sure I had a good plan in mind, but wanted a second opinion from an expert. Since I couldn’t afford to hire someone to come in and design the whole space top to bottom, I worked with the team of designers from Swatchpop!.

You may have remembered seeing this room in Glitter Guide’s June Home Tour feature!

It is a really easy and inexpensive way to receive a professional design consultation without any of the hassle. You simply fill out the design profile, select the room and areas you want to address, upload photos of the current space and within 3 days you’ll receive a design solution complete with images, advice and clickable shopping links. It’s that easy!

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Before I dive anymore into how beautiful it looks now, let me show you what the major eye sore was that I just couldn’t design around any longer.

Swatchpop! Living Room Design (The Before) | Modish and Main

The BIG brown couch.

This couch served us well for over 6 years, but it was done. What we once loved (the chaise lounge) was now the most uncomfortable seat and we had nightly paper, scissor, rock contests to see who had to sit there. This goes besides the point that it’s dark brown and the entire color scheme throughout my house is shades of grey. It just didn’t work. It was time for a new couch.

The design team at Swatchpop! sent me over an ideal general floor plan, plus 3 design options that could work within my room based upon the profile I completed.

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Crazy enough, the floor plan was exactly what I had in mine, so it really helped give me confidence that I was headed in the right direction. I really gravitated towards looks 1 & 2. They did incorporate my already existing Restoration Hardware coffee table and side table, Wayfair leather pouf and my West Elm jute herringbone rug. Since I already had a similar lounge chair, I didn’t want to spend the money on a new one since the one we had would suffice for now.

This gave me a great feel for the layout and that I did indeed want to go with a lighter fabric to balance out all the industrial, masculine touches that already existed. I’m still eyeing up that beach artwork in option 2!

With that being said, after spending countless hours online and then hitting the furniture stores, I ultimately couldn’t get my mind off the Lounge II sofa from Crate & Barrel in cement. It is appropriately named “lounge’ because that is precisely what you do on it. This is one big couch! It has a depth of 46”, so basically with my back to the cushions only my ankles hang off the edge. It’s literally made for Netflix binges.

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and MainSwatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Once the couch arrived, the living room instantly felt pulled together. This fall or maybe we’ll wait till the spring (depending on when there is a sale!) I plan on purchasing the matching apartment size sofa to go along the wall where the chair is now. Once that arrives, then I really feel like this room will be 100% complete.

Swatchpop! Living Room Design | Modish and Main

Here’s the best part — Swatchpop! is giving my readers 10% off their design order by using the code “modishandmain” when checking out. The code is only valid until September 20, 2016. Therefore, if you are stuck designing a room in your home, don’t wait! 

This post was sponsored by Swatchpop!, but all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible! 

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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