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Makeup My Day // The Face


Makeup My Day

What I love about makeup is that you can change it by mood, by time of day, by outfit, by event, etc. It truly is an extension of your personality and you deserve to let it shine! I would definitely say I was a “late bloomer” into the makeup world, but ever since I immersed myself in style and beauty magazines, the temptation to play with makeup was too great!

Let’s be honest though, makeup can be overwhelming … especially when you walk into a drugstore and see hundreds upon hundreds of options. I have kind of taken the liberty to be your guinea pig and have tried countless products and really have narrowed it down to my likes & dislikes (for my reasons of course).

Today, let’s start with the face.

makeup my day, the face

 1. Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow 2. Stila All Day 10-in-1 Beauty Balm 3. Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer 4. bareMinerals Warmth All-Over Face Color 5. Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Pencil 6. Covergirl Bronzer in Golden Tan 7. theBalm Hot Mama Blush 8. Nars Blush in Orgasm

I’m going to let you in on a little insiders secret …. I’m a subscriber to Birchbox and it’s literally been heaven sent towards testing out new products. Each month, for only $10, you receive a box with a curated assortment of products for you to try. Saves you from spending the big bucks at the store only to find out you don’t like it, and they struck deals with some amazing company’s overseas that we just wouldn’t be able to get our hands on otherwise (ahem … Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Pencil)!

Quick Overview on the 8 products listed…

The Marcelle BB Cream and Stila Beauty Balm are absolute essentials (don’t need both at same time) towards prepping your skin, evening out skin-tone, and securing your makeup to last all day. The Marcelle’s Golden Glow is perfect for giving you a hint of a tan with a dewy glow (it’s what I’m using everyday lately).

Stila’s Foundation & Concealer is really a great product as it goes on without feeling like you have makeup on. I know, sounds a little backwards, but you don’t want to feel like you are wearing tons of makeup, plus this little bottle comes with a matching concealer right in the lid! Killed two birds with one stone.

Bronzer is a lifesaver. Need I say more? It can make you go from lifeless & pale to lively & sunkissed by just drawing a backwards “C” from your temple down through your cheekbone towards your nose. Add a little to the hairline, slightly down your nose and a dab along the chin to make it all cohesive. I must insist though, go easy on the bronzer so you don’t look like an oompa-loompa.

Blush would be one of those items that I wouldn’t leave home without. For me personally, it finalizes the whole look (mascara of course too!) and pulls it all together. My two favorites are the Hot Mama (bonus! Doubles as an eyeshadow) and the cult favorite, Nars blush in Orgasm. It’s a bit pricey, but beyond worth it and you won’t regret it for one second.

Lauren Conrad Beauty

If you want to get a crash course on the essential beauty do’s and don’ts, I suggest picking up Lauren Conrad’s Beauty book. She is always spot on with her looks and is never overdone.

Have fun with your makeup, you’ll be surprised at how much you like the final result! Stay tuned for upcoming series on makeup products for the eyes and lips!



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