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Working from home has its fair share of perks. The flexibility in your schedule, optional dress code, ability to bring your pet to work, an entire fridge and pantry of lunch options and so forth. What often doesn’t get mentioned is the loneliness of it.

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Most days I’m behind my desk, with my dog at my feet working away at the computer or doing a photoshoot in the dining room. There are many days where I don’t converse with anyone until Sean gets home from his day at work. I’ve come to find that conversations with the dog don’t amount to much when she doesn’t talk back. Some days fly by and I don’t even think about it and others are so dreadfully slow that I beg for human interaction.

I have tried to work from local coffee shops but often find that I’m just not as productive as I’d like to be and simply don’t want to spend the money on a beverage or pastry item that I don’t need. It’s a double-edge sword type of situation, I need the solitude to be really productive but I need the companionship to feel like I’m not a hermit. Maybe budgeting the $10 a week to get out of the house is worth it in the long run.

This might sound crazy, but thank goodness for the Instagram community! I love this little tight-knit group of women (and some men!) who support one another, pep each other up and become your “virtual friends” throughout the day. They understand the compulsion to endlessly redecorate a space in your home simply because we can (or because you’re home all day and walk by the same thing 100x and just feel the need to change something, anything!).

The thing is, the loneliness is manageable. It’s nothing that would make me ever want to give up working from home. I couldn’t imagine having to leave my sweet Dexie girl or to not have the privilege to take strolls around the neighborhood 2 or 3 times throughout the day to get some exercise and a dose of Vitamin D. It does call for odd hours and a healthy dose of self-strictness, but it works for me.

I’d to love know if you work from home and how you like it. What tips do you have to share? What works for you, what doesn’t? I’m always eager to learn what works for others and seeing if I can implement any of those ideas.

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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4 comments on “Modish Happenings 1.0”

  1. Kristin, this is so raw, and the minute I read it I felt what you feel. You know i have a 9-5 on top of the blog, when transitioning I had to work from home for about 2 weeks, but solid 8 hour days plus blog time… anyway it was SO ridiculously lonely and when John got home all I wanted to do was leave the house. I am glad you found a tiny bit of media to get you out of the loneliness, text me whenever 🙂 plus I still really want to meet Dexie. Nothing wrong with redecorating as many times as you like!

    Anyway just thinking about you!

    XO Chelsea

    1. Oh my gosh Chelsea, poor Sean when he gets home! I’m craving so much human attention that I just blab on and on before he can even get his shoes off! We totally need to get together for a lunch date soon, I miss you!! I’m texting you 🙂

  2. I can definitely relate! I left my office job about a year and a half ago and now have the privilege of working from home. But between my web design clients and trying to grow our blog I have found that the hardest thing about working from home is finding time to take a break. Because there is no one to stop by and talk to me or interrupt me like at an office I often get so into my work I forget to get up and walk away from the computer. But I am with you I wouldn’t give up the flexibility of working from home. I am still trying to figure it out too but I just wanted to let you know I can relate! So glad we were able to connect and to follow along with your awesome work on Instagram and your blog!


    1. Courtney, thank you so much for reaching out! I swear, if it wasn’t for my Golden Retriever bugging the heck out of me every 2-3 hours I would catch myself sitting at my desk for far too many hours on end. I can totally relate to that! I’m beyond impressed with your craftiness on the blog & can’t wait to see what project is next! The coffee bar is going to be hard to top!!

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