Monday Momentum


Monday’s can seem to be particularly daunting with a full work week ahead of you and usually accompanying that is a long to-do list. Sometimes, just the overall mere size of the list or the size of the project can stall you before you even get started

stop thinking and just do

When those moments happen to me …. I honestly just pick a task on the list that I know can be done pretty quick and easy and set out to work. Before you know it, I’ve accomplished 4, 5, 6 tasks and feeling much more optimistic about the week ahead!

Have a great day!


2 comments on “Monday Momentum”

  1. Monday can be so difficult! You’re so right about just getting started. I usually try to pick a few short tasks first so I feel like I’m getting a lot checked off the list.

  2. I have the problem of creating numerous tasks on my “to do list” and end up feeling overwhelmed. Great advice…I’ll try this on my next house cleaning day, focus on one task at a time!

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