Monday Momentum


Hey y’all & Happy Monday! Today’s Monday Momentum quote seemed somewhat fitting with my given situation.

We confirmed all the details and are moving homes in 6 very short days! Though there is the stress of the packing & moving process in such an incredibly short notice, but the move itself is actually quite exciting and I can’t wait to start another new adventure in a new area.

If you noticed #25 in my post of 25 Random Things About Me … I’m a nomad a heart. I love the thrill of living in a new area, a new home, meeting new people, decorating a house, etc. That part has never scared me or deterred me from making an impromptu decision because the travel of venturing down these new paths is what brings me happiness. Ultimately because I know it’s going to work out and the experience is worth it!

Happiness Traveling Quote

So … if you don’t hear from me every day this week, you can assume I am knee deep in packing. Can’t wait to show you all the new place!

– Kristin

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