Monday Momentum


Sorry for M.I.A. most of last week and through the weekend. We are officially moved into the new place & almost unpacked. Nothing like trying to get an entire move completed before leaving on a 5-day work trip!

Overall, the move went pretty smooth. We got the keys on Thursday and brought over 4-5 loads of stuff (mainly the fragile items) and spent the rest of the night preparing everything for the moving trucks. Friday morning the young bucks arrived (the company employs student-athletes as their movers) and got to work. They even gave me a  VIP chair to oversee everything!! 6 hours later they were gone and we were left with stacks of boxes everywhere.

Here are some photos I posted from my Instagram:

Packing Moving Boxes
Packing Boxes Days Before the Move
Meathead Movers
Meathead Movers – Employ Student Athletes
Meathead Movers VIP Chair
My Very Own VIP Chair!

Basically if you wondered what I was doing all weekend was tossing box after box after they got unpacked. Saturday I focused on the main floor with the dining room and kitchen and then Sunday we spent some time upstairs trying to make sense of our closets, etc. Plus, we had to make a trip over to the old place and get some more things and start cleaning it up. Not fun!

Here we sit on Day 4 since the move and I’m planning on working on my office today & making the much needed Target run. DId I mention that Target is within a 5 minute walk from me?!?! This could mean some serious trouble!!

Alright, away I go to keep on task of my to-do list!


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