Mountain West Fall Road Trip


Planning a Mountain West fall road trip through Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Cannot. Contain. My. Excitement!!!

On Saturday I’m flying to Montana to meet up with my brother, Ryan, for a 7 day Mountain West fall road trip through Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. This girl can’t wait to get in the wilderness, breathe in the air of the big pines, relax amongst the lakes and rivers and hopefully get a first hand view of wild animals (elk, moose, bear, bison, wolves …. I’ll take them all!).

Our tentative plan is that we are starting in Missoula, MT and heading east through Helena and into Billings. Unfortunately we aren’t able to head north to Glacier National Park, but we are then heading south through Beartooth Pass into Wyoming and the start of Yellowstone National Park. After we explore lots of lots of this area, we’ll continue south into the Grand Tetons and stay in Jackson Hole, WY. I’ve been eager to get to Jackson Hole for years now, so I’m pretty excited about this stop. Then we’ll head east towards Casper, WY with stops in between and ultimately head due south towards Colorado where we’ll be making pit stops at hot springs, more mountain ranges and anything cool in between. I’ve got a long list of “things to see” that my brother doesn’t know about. LOL

You can bet I’ll be snapping hundreds and hundreds of photos and I’ll be updating our day-to-day locations and sightseeing via Instagram and then ultimately I’ll be working on getting fall road trip post on here.

If you have any suggestions of places to see, eat or drink please share them!



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  1. I. Am. So. Jealous. Cody Wyoming is a neat town, named after “Buffalo” Bill Cody. Not sure how close this is to Casper.

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