National Puzzle Day


Even as a kid I’ve always loved to work on building puzzles and it only seemed fitting that I outwardly express my l love for them on #NationalPuzzleDay.

National Puzzle Day | Modish and Main

I’ve always wondered what makes some people interested in puzzles while others find it utterly boring and tedious. I try to get Sean to join me, pull up with a glass of wine but he quickly sneaks off after a few minutes saying it’s just not his thing.

For me, it gives me a mission to complete that has nothing to do with technology but rather solitude and time. Lots of time. I get focused on wanting to accomplish the puzzle and aim to sit to there for hours on end till I’ve got one little section completed. I’m known for saying that I just want to get 3 more pieces in and I’ll be ready to go only to find me still sitting there 45 minutes later with 15 pieces in place. It calms my mind yet frustrates me when I can’t find that precious piece.

Here’s the thing, I’ve always wanted to start a puzzle club. Similar to a book club in that there is a small group of people who share a similar interest, but different in that people could be from all over the country. The thing with puzzles is that once you’ve done them it’s VERY unlikely that you’ll ever assemble them again. Now you’re stuck with a cabinet of puzzle boxes like me and can’t bear to just donate them. So my idea is to create a puzzle group where each month after we’ve completed our puzzle we ship it to the next person in line. You’ll get their puzzle, someone will get yours and no money has been spent outside a nominal shipping fee. It lets us puzzle hobbyists have a little comradie with each other in our own dorky little way.

National Puzzle Day | Modish and Main

National Puzzle Day | Modish and Main

National Puzzle Day | Modish and Main

On another note, the Dowdle puzzle brand has quickly become a favorite of mine. I love love love their image selections as you tend to feel a little kinship to them with either the locations or the cute little people placed throughout them. I also love that it comes in a nice box with an EXTRA sealable plastic bag just to ensure no pieces get lost. How thoughtful!

I actually scored my last collection of Dowdle puzzles from Costco. I literally had 7 in my hands and forced myself to only select 2. It was not easy. I settled on Huntington Beach and Yellowstone.

National Puzzle Day | Modish and Main

National Puzzle Day | Modish and Main

Well if you’re a puzzle nerd like me who is celebrating #NationalPuzzleDay give me a shout out on Instagram and let me see what you’re building! Oh and if you’re really interested in joining my puzzle club, please please send me an email so I can start collecting names!

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4 comments on “National Puzzle Day”

  1. OMG!!! I LOVE puzzles!!! I will stay up till insane hours trying to get sections done or just looking for a few key pieces. I think your puzzle club is a brilliant idea!

    1. This is the first year I heard of puzzle day! I bought four puzzles, had them for years, would move them from one place to the other! December 2016, I said, “Just do them!” I can’t pass them on because I mod-pog them and hang them framed on the walls in my house! I finished a large wolf, New York City, a farm scence and the alphabet sampler! That is it, NO MORE PUZZLES for me!!!! I have other things to get done! I had to brake the addiction!!! And wall space is becoming hard to find!!! HAPPY PUZZLE DAY to ALL!

      1. Awwww Rita that makes me so happy that you found the time to relax & enjoy making the puzzles! Such a cool idea to modpodge them and hang them all the wall. We do after all work hard to build them!

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