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Nora Mattress Review from Wayfair | Modish and MainYou can’t help but notice this trend of mattresses in a box and I finally got to try one for myself! I’m going to give you all my opinions in this Nora mattress review and also let you look at some super cute photos of Dexie in the process.

When Wayfair extended the opportunity to test out one of their new line of premium mattresses I jumped at the chance because we were just about nearing time when our guest bed was going to have to be replaced. Since I know what it’s like to sleep at other peoples homes or when I’m traveling, I always want my guests to feel comfortable and able to get a really good nights rest. In my opinion, that starts with an uncluttered guest room and a good bed!

Let’s get into my thoughts about the Nora mattress. Right off the bat when the bed is delivered you start to question how in the world a queen size mattress, of good quality, fit into a box that size? I love that you could use the mattress with any existing foundation or base!  Since I’m wanting to get rid of this large bedroom set anyways, this opens up more options for my guest room decor.

A bed really couldn’t be easier to set up than this. It’s lighter and way less bulkier than a traditional mattress to get up and down the stairs. We simply carried it up with the plastic still on, placed it on the frame, removed the plastic and watched in awe as the mattress started to come alive. It does take about 12 hours for it to fully expand, so if you’re planning on sleeping on it that night, do this first thing in the morning.

There is a mild scent upon opening the package, but that seemed to dissipate within 36-48 hours.

Nora Mattress Review from Wayfair | Modish and Main

The first thing you notice is how plush the bed feels. I couldn’t resist crawling onto the bed to test it out for myself. Upon reading the pamphlet that came with the Nora mattress, it’s comprised of 4 layers: 2″ gel-infused memory foam + 3″ gel-infused comfort foam (that repels heat) + two sets of 3.5″ high-density support foam for pressure relief. No wonder it felt like a cloud surrounding you!

Nora Mattress Review from Wayfair | Modish and Main

Nora Mattress Review from Wayfair | Modish and MainNora Mattress Review from Wayfair | Modish and Main

Now obviously I don’t sleep in the guest room every night, so I can’t give an opinion on how it’s affected my sleep. I can tell you that once you put on a mattress cover, fitted sheet, top sheet and some blankets the mattress didn’t seem so plush. Rather it felt on the firm side. I’m wondering if a mattress pad is even required considering that it has a removable cover that can be washed (love that). I’m willing to bet that would make a big difference towards feeling more of that comfort factor that had me in awe when the bed was stripped of any linens.

We did have family stay over the Thanksgiving weekend and one of them mentioned that it did feel quite firm, but it was still pretty comfortable. Makes me want to go and remove that mattress pad ASAP!

Overall, there is a lot that I love about the Nora mattress. It’s really affordable, ships to you in 2-days, you can try it out for 100 nights and if you don’t love it, you can send it back for a full refund + it’s made without the use of those nasty chemicals. Truly, the bed is really really plush and feels high-end. I can’t wait to continue to try it out here & there and have other guests spend the night on it throughout the holidays.

Nora Mattress Review from Wayfair | Modish and Main

Nora Mattress Review from Wayfair | Modish and MainDexie got awfully comfortable during our photoshoot and I think she was hoping this was her new dog bed! I’m not going to lie, the two of us often sneak way to grab a nap in our guest room now because it’s so comfortable.

This post is sponsored by Nora Mattress for Wayfair. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible! 

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