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Anyone else having a hard believing it’s November?!? Somehow 31 days of October have come & gone and here we are with a clean slate for another month ahead. I wish I could say that as these months go by that I didn’t feel a ton of anxiety. It kind of stressed me out that we are just 61 days away from 2017. 61 days people!

November Plans via The Day Designer Monthly Planner | Modish and Main

The Day Designer 2016-2017 Planner from Target

To help alleviate some of my anxiety and stress I try and schedule a block of time out of my schedule at the beginning of the month to plan ahead, set my goals, and leave time for the things that matter most this time of year. There is also a part of me that gets insanely jealous this time of year when everyone else is experiencing the change of seasons. The Wisconsin girl in me wants to wear knit sweaters, riding boots and beanies!

There is one thing that gets me so excited about the start of a new month, writing in my planner! I’m kind of obsessed with filling out blank pages, making it perfect and detailing everything in a paper planner. I know, I know, we are in a digital age but nothing will ever take me away from a handwritten plan of action. Going overboard with it is also something that I’m known to do & I currently use 3-4 different planners at a time to handle everything going on.

By the way, speaking of November plans…. yeah I don’t have any! That’s right, I’m not traveling anywhere, we are hosting a low-key Thanksgiving dinner at the house and I’m basically hunkered down in my house for the month.

I’d love to know, what are your favorite planners and have you already picked one out for 2017?

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