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On the Road to Wisconsin


I am so excited to be traveling back home to my family in Wisconsin tomorrow. This time of year is so beautiful in the Midwest, plus we’ll be celebrating my Grandma’s 90th Birthday!!

The one thing I’ve finally come to terms with is that I’m a true “home-body” when I’m back in Wisconsin. I love to just spend time with my parents, brothers and the dog. Since I don’t get home nearly as often anymore, I’m perfectly content lounging around the house for days on end. So …. my packing has gotten significantly lighter.

On the Road to Wisconsin // Modish and Main

Since I’ve shared with you my go-to packing list that I’ve created for myself, it’s no surprise that I’m very organized and efficient when it comes to packing.  Here are some of my best traveling/packing tips:

– Invest in hardshell luggage, you will never regret it!
– Use baggies when possible to keep your bras, undies and socks separate and organized.
– Roll your garments when possible, it really does save on space and helps decrease wrinkling.
– Stick your shoes in large freezer size bags or shoe bags to prevent dirt and other “stuff” from getting on to your clothes, etc.
– Pack items that can be used in more than one outfit.

For my main pieces of luggage, I own two Samsonite Hardside Spinner Luggage. On this trip, I am using the 24″ piece, but I also own a 28″ piece that is used for longer trips. Both of them I got in a bright purple color so they can’t be missed on the luggage carousel. The essential component is the spinner feature. It is so unbelievably nice that you can roll your luggage upright or turn on a dime!

Samsonite Hardshell Luggage // Modish and Main

Hardshell Luggage // Modish and Main

I also invested in this HEYS hardside carry-on luggage. Not only has this truly been a lifesaver on relieving my back when traveling, but it allows me to be ubër organized when it comes to bringing my work with me on the road. The front compartment stores your laptop which makes it a breeze to pull out when going through security (I’ve received numerous inquires about my luggage just from this action alone!) and the optional accordion files in the larger compartment helps organize my work files, magazines, iPad, etc.

HEYS Carry-On Laptop Luggage // Modish and Main

HEYS Carry-On Laptop Luggage // Modish and Main


HEYS Carry-On Laptop Luggage // Modish and Main

When it comes to preparing to pack, I find it incredibly useful to use a rolling garment rack to pull all of your items before you actually start packing anything. This allows you to see everything you have and it makes it easy to nix items that you simply don’t need.

Use Garment Rack When Preparing to Pack // Modish and Main

For my cosmetics, I use this great Trina & Co train case that I found at Ulta. I love that it has this slim top compartment with an area for your makeup brushes and a zipper pouch for small makeup odds & ends.

Trina & Co Cosmetic Case // Modish and Main

Trina & Co Cosmetic Case // Modish and Main

Lastly, since I’ll be taking lots of pictures to celebrate my Grandma’s 90th birthday with the family, I have to travel with my dSLR camera. Conventional camera bags are great for everyday use, but since I’m traveling and have to be conscious of my back, I use a backpack coupled with a camera pouch to make sure everything arrives safely.

Camera Pouch // Modish and Main

This Haven Camera Pouch made by Crumpler allows me store my camera plus an extra lens.

Haven Camera Pouch by Crumpler // Modish and Main

I stick this pouch, plus my tripods into my bright coral The North Face backpack to keep it all organized and safe.

Travel Safe with your DSLR Camera // Modish and Main

Travel Safe with your DSLR Camera // Modish and Main

So, the purple 24″ spinner luggage gets checked and my rolling laptop luggage and backpack are my carry-on’s with me on the plane. This system seems to work well for me, but I’d love to know what you use to travel!

See you in Wisconsin!

– Kristin

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