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Organize Your Nail Polish – Part 2


With any area in my house, I organize and then re-organize it again weeks or months down the road. Since we moved at the end of June and I haven’t hung up new shelving in the house so I had to come up with a new way to organize my nail polish again.

For my birthday in July, my best friend gave me this colorful set of trunks from Land of Nod. I literally sat on the floor of my office and looked around as to what I could “organize” or “store” inside them when the perfect solution came to mind … my rather large nail polish collection.

Organize Your Nail Polish // Modish and Main

I separated my collection by brands (Essie, OPI, Butter London, Zoya, Julep, Covergirl, etc) and then placed them in the trunks based on what would fit best.

Nail Polish Suitcase // Modish and Main

Peach Nail Polish Trunk

Coral Nail Polish Trunk

Here’s a glimpse at some of my favorite nail polishes from my collection!

Metallic Julep Nail Polish // Modish and Main

Essie Nail Polish // Modish and Main

Essie Nail Polish // Modish and Main

Essie Nail Polish // Modish and Main

Butter London Nail Polish // Modish and Main

Peach and Coral Trunks

Though I did love having my entire nail polish collection on display, I really love have these adorable suitcases on a shelf with easy access to all my polish. I actually use the top trunk for all my camera accessories!

– Kristin


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