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Organize Your Magazine Clippings


organize magazine clippings

Before Pinterest came along, we relied on reading our magazines, tearing out the pages, and then sticking them away in some “logical” spot with the hope that you will one day revisit them and remember why you were inspired in the first place. For the record, Pinterest has helped with a lot of the issues, but I’m extremely loyal to my paper magazine that I can touch and feel with my own hands and still rip out page after page from the over 14 magazine subscriptions that I have. Yes, I said 14 and that doesn’t include the speciality mags that you can’t subscribe to (we’ll get to that list on a future post!).

good magazine reads

Being that I’m an organizing “junkie” who needs to have everything in order, I needed to come up with a system that would allow me to logically and aesthetically look at the pages I’ve ripped out.

Are you ready for it ….

organized binder solution

Categorized binders for the various types of magazine clippings! By creating these binders, which have clear sleeves, I now have an easy, organized place for all my clippings. So, when I want to be inspired when planning an outfit, updating a room in my home, shopping for a new handbag … I know just where to look.

Here’s what you’ll need to start this project:

organizing magazine supplies

Avery Presentation Folder in 12 or 24 sleeves // Avery File Folder Labels by Martha Stewart // 12 inch Paper Trimmer // Sharpies (I prefer the Metallics collection) // Upright Magazine File Holder or See Jane Work Cutout Holder

When you decide to start this project, I’d like to recommend that you (a) set aside an ample amount of time (if you have a stack of clippings), (b) have patience, and (c) a glass of wine. Organizing isn’t supposed to be a stressful project, so take the time to enjoy the process because the result is well worth it!

A Step-by-Step Guide for Organizing Your Magazine Clippings:

Step 1: All clippings should have a nice, clean edge. It not only looks nice, but it makes it so much easier to enter the pages into the sleeves.

Inside Tip – certain publications print a larger magazine (i.e. Real Simple) and you’ll need to trim off the excess width on the page in order for it to fit. 

step 1 trim magazine clippings

Step 2: Organize your clippings into categories. The purpose of this project is to be able to quickly grab a binder and be inspired by something you have clipped out. No point if you have to search for 20 minutes as to where that is!

My categories are:

Style // Makeup & Hair // Beauty Products // Handbags // Shoes // Home Inspiration // Organize // Closet Organizing // Shoppings & Gifts

feel free to check out my Pinterest boards that have many of the same categories and more!

Step 3: Start to place your clippings in the presentation folders.

Inside Tip – strategically place similar pages together to make your life even easier!

Here are some example pages from my Style Binder:

style binder preview

style binder preview

style binder preview

Here are some examples from my Closet Organizing Binder:

closet organizing preview

closet organizing preview

closet organizing inspiration

Step 4: Label the front & side of the presentation binder with the category name of your choice.

There you go, done! See, that wasn’t so hard! Now sit back and enjoy your hard work … maybe even go read a magazine.

organizing your magazines

So… tell me what you think! If you decide to try this organizing project, please share with me the final product! I can’t wait to see your binders of inspirational clippings.


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