Organized Office Closet


Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

We all know that keeping an organized space leads to more productivity and that even goes to include what’s kept behind closed doors! I’m lucky enough that my home office comes with a closet that includes french doors. This has allowed me to really keep an uncluttered, functioning office space that allows for everything to have a home, including my expansive jewelry collection.

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

As you can see from the above photos, my office closet functions as not only a place to hold work related items, but it also serves as my jewelry boudoir, craft space, etc. Since we are renting this home, I didn’t want to invest in customizing the closet so I needed to come up with a plan that would allow me to best utilize the closet for my current needs and on a budget . I opted for purchasing these inexpensive 3-shelf bookcases from Target  (bonus! They are on sale right now!) to create some additional shelving.

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

My score of the year were finding these white decorative/storage boxes on clearance this past spring at Target for mere dollars. Needless to say, I scoured 4 of the surrounding Targets and grabbed 15+ boxes in small and large sizes because I knew I would eventually find them the perfect home. Here in my office space, they hold anything and everything:

– Personal : additional check books, greeting cards, store reward cards, etc
– Pens : since I am a hoarder of pens, I have the organized within the bin too! See below. 
– Camera : any camera equipment for both my Canon and Nikon cameras
– Notes : my hoarding doesn’t stop with just pens. This is is where I keep excess notebooks.
– Tech : cords, wires, chargers, etc. 
– Work : important work documents or materials I don’t want to lose track of.
– Office Supplies (small): staples, paper clips, binder clips, glue, etc. 
– Envelopes : any and all sizes of envelopes so that I can quickly grab what I need.
– Labels : mailing labels, chalkboard labels, gift labels, you name it… it’s in this box. 
– Office Supplies (large) : neat receipt, bulk items, etc. 

I finished off the boxes by adding these gold plated metal bookplates from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples. I then just simply created a custom tag from my label maker and adhered them to the boxes.

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

I use these colorful storage bins for additional office supplies that range from crafting supplies, excess paper, bulk envelope stock, lia sophia material, etc. I love that they can stack on top of one another and give me plenty of additional room within the shelf!

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

Here is a peek inside my “Pens” box. I up-cycled my Birchbox boxes and sorted my pens by black, miscellaneous (aka colored pens), and highlighters.

Organized Home Office Closet // Modish and Main

The space on top of the shelving is completely dedicated to my jewelry collection. I’m often changing how I organize my jewelry (I’m NEVER satisfied!), but I’ve stuck with this routine for quite a bit now. I utilize the shelf space for my rings & bracelets, along with placing a decorative mirror & a DIY magnetic board to make the space even more functional.

Organized Jewelry // Modish and Main

Organized Jewelry // Modish and Main
Ring Trays from Target
Organized Jewelry // Modish and Main
Bracelet and Ring by Kendra Scott

Keep Calm and Buy Shoes

Organized Watches // Modish and Main
Decorative Trays from One Kings Lane

Over on Instagram just a few weeks ago, I won this fabulous lunchbox from Gorjana Griffin and thought it to be perfect to hold my abundance of bracelets! Organized Jewelry // Modish and Main

Organized Jewelry // Modish and Main

I keep my necklaces either hanging on the closet rod or I utilize the method I created from tiny 3M Command strips that create this great back wall of necklaces that eliminates any possibility of tangling & allows you to easily see what I have. (click the above link for an insiders look on how I display my dainty necklaces)Organized Jewelry // Modish and Main

Lastly, are the earring displays. As you can probably tell already, I can’t handle things being untidy and a mishmash. I’ve grabbed some of these hanging jewelry display holders from TJ Maxx in the past and have put every pair of earrings I own (including non lia sophia) and have placed them on an earring card and into a slot they go. I’ve even gone as far as organizing my earrings by:

– Dangly Gold Earrings
– Dangly Silver Earrings
– Studs

Organized Jewelry // Modish and Main
Jewelry Organizers from TJ Maxx

I then placed 3M Command hooks on the inside doors of my office closet and that is where they hang allowing me to quickly grab a pair and go!

I’ve been really working on pairing down the amount of “stuff” I have, including jewelry. I’ve got a pretty good handle on it right now and this system works great for me. Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my home office closet organizing system!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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