Connecting with Gal Pals at Los Agaves


Do you ever catch yourself looking at life through the rearview mirror because you’re so busy with work, family and other commitments? I know I’m guilty of it and I was grateful to take some time yesterday to connect with gal pals at the new Los Agaves restaurant here in Oxnard.

Enjoying delicious mexican food with your gal pals at Los Agaves Restaurant in Oxnard, CA | Modish and Main

As an entrepreneur & lifestyle blogger, I certainly have my moments of “woman hear me roar!” where I think I can accomplish it all. You can just about imagine how wrong I am about that. Sometimes it’s just taking a few hours out of our busy lives to grab lunch with your closest girlfriends (Aisha from The Middle of Here & Jill from The 805 Diary) to talk shop, catch up about life and to be honest, talk about random things like Tom Cruise’s latest movie selections (uh hmmm… is another Mission Impossible really necessary?).


Healthy Breakfast with Paleo Pancakes


Enjoy a healthy breakfast with paleo pancakes from Birch Benders. | Modish and Main We are into week 2.5 of my healthy living challenge & I wanted to share with you a healthy breakfast option with paleo pancakes. A person can only eat so many eggs, bacon, protein smoothies and açai bowls. Besides, when the weekend rolls around who doesn’t crave a stack of pancakes? To keep it healthy, I started making these paleo pancakes from Birch Benders.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast with paleo pancakes from Birch Benders. | Modish and Main I can’t take credit for finding this paleo pancake mix, that I have to give to my oldest brother, Brent. Him and his wife started eating a paleo diet at the beginning of the year and my brother dropped 30+  pounds in just 2 months! While I’m not eating a 100% paleo diet, I am incorporating recipes throughout the week and since I already eat gluten free and dairy free, it’s been a pretty easy adjustment.


Create an Organized Area for Workout Gear


Create an organized area in your home for your workout gear with just a pretty basket. | Modish and Main One week completed for my March Healthy Living Challenge & I’ve been committed to staying active a minimum of 30 minutes a day. In order to make that possible, because I hate going to the gym, is by creating an organized area for my workout gear right in my own living room. Sure I wish I had an extra room, basement or garage space to designate for a workout room, but I don’t.  Therefore my workouts take place in the main room of our home and I didn’t want to pull out my workout gear each and every time from some magical hiding place.


I Taught a Food Photography Workshop


How to photography instal-worthy food photography at Whole Foods Market by Modish and Main If you were to have told me 5 years ago when I borrowed my parents DSLR camera for the first time that I was going to teach a food photography workshop, I simply would have laughed. I only wanted to learn photography so that I could capture some decent images to add to my blog posts. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I loved every aspect of being behind the camera. I became immersed in learning the in’s & out’s and was rewarded years later by being able to extend my knowledge with a group of 22 other inspiring photographers!


March Healthy Living Challenge


If there is anything the winter months certainly do accomplish is letting me get a bit sluggish with my healthy eating and workout routines. Thank goodness for cozy sweaters, but spring & summer are just around the corner and I definitely want to feel better about my overall lifestyle. That’s why I’m kicking off a March healthy living challenge and I’m inviting you to join along!

Start living your best year yet with a March Healthy Living Challenge. Enjoy a healthy super green juice with the organic, non-GMO Touchstone Essential products. Check it out here. | Modish and Main

To be honest, I typically eat pretty darn good. I live a dairy free and gluten free lifestyle and am conscious about not over indulging, except when it comes to booze. I do enjoy a good bottle of wine, a glass of whiskey or a spicy margarita. So my goal with this healthy living challenge is make some modifications and hold myself accountable to an overall healthier lifestyle. What does this mean?

Lifestyle / Travel

The Best Travel Bags


If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, then you know that I love to travel. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, a week long road trip or an excursion in Europe, I simply love to travel and plan to do even more of it.

I wanted to share with all of you some of my favorite travel bags from backpacks and duffels to carry-on and full size luggage. There’s something for everybody no matter how big the trip!

The best backpacks, duffel bags, carry-on luggage and full size luggage available on the market! | Modish and Main Backpacks: Lo & Sons | Timberland | Dagne Dover

Duffel Bags: Forestbound “ESCAPE” | Sole Society | Lo & Sons

Carry-On Luggage: CALPAK Rose Gold | AWAY | CALPAK 20″ + 28″ Trunks

Style & Beauty

Going Back to the Basics


Going back to the basics with my style and creating a wardrobe that is built around key pieces like this crisp white shirt, classic blue jeans and a structured Fossil handbag. | Modish and Main Raise your hands if you have a section of your closet that you rarely ever wear (my hand is raised).

Over the past year I have come to learn that I find myself going back to the basics with my wardrobe and then have fun with the accessories. I have a handful of printed apparel that I may occasionally wear, but most of the time I find myself reaching for a basic tee and a classic pair of jeans. I don’t want to sound too boring when I say that, but I like to call it the Jen Aniston look. The woman has her go-to pieces and always looks polished wearing them even when you take a step back and realize they’re just basic items.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Girls Night In


Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Girls Night In. Host your closest girlfriends with a romantic comedy, Pho takeout, sweet treats and gifts from PAPYRUS. | Modish and Main I’m going to guess that for a majority of us we have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Depending on your relationship status you love it, if you’re single you hate it and then comes the pressure on gifts, dinners, dressing up, you name it. Some might call me crazy, but I suggest celebrating Valentine’s Day with a girls night in. Go out with your hubby or boyfriend/girlfriend any other night of the week (where you won’t pay crazy amounts for a pre fix menu) and opt to spend the actual day with your girls right in your own living room.

Here me out. Trade the dresses and high heels for cozy sweats and slippers, skip the long lines at restaurants with Pho take-out, leave the overpriced chocolate soufflé for pretty macarons and order up a romantic comedy of your choice while sipping on as much wine as you want (sans the corkage fee). You tell me what sounds better?