Travel Log : Winter Wonderland in Beaver Creek, CO


Just returned from yet another amazing  trip to the winter wonderland of Beaver Creek, CO. From skiing all day to sipping wine by the fireplace and the occasional jaunt in the fresh powder, it was an incredible experience to add to my 2017 travel log.

Travel Log : Beaver Creek Ski Trip. View an array of gorgeous photos from our winter vacation or pin to save for later! | Modish and Main

So our trip to Beaver Creek has become an annual thing with my Dad and brother, Ryan. It’s our 4th year in a row and each time it keeps getting better. With the crazy amount of snow that the mountain ranges have been getting we were hoping that some fresh snowfall would happen while we were there. Thankfully, our wishes came true and I FINALLY got to ski in fresh powder!


Learning Brush Lettering with Brown & Co Designs


Inspired to keep my creativity flowing, I signed up to learn brush lettering with Brown & Co Designs at her workshop held earlier this week at Madewest Brewery in Ventura.

Learn how to properly do brush lettering with Brown and Co Designs in Ventura, CA! Click to read more about attending one of her workshops or pin to save for later. | Modish and Main

Here’s the thing, I’ve always had a thing for handwriting. Since the 3rd grade I’ve been getting complimented on my penmanship and still do today. Thus, when this calligraphy and brush lettering  craze really took off I thought I could easily jump on board and it would come naturally. WRONG! There is definitely an art and a skill to it that requires lots of practice. Thankfully, Heather from Brown & Co Designs had a seat open up in her Ventura workshop held at Madewest Brewery and I jumped at the opportunity to learn firsthand from someone who knows what they’re doing!


9 Photographers on Instagram You Want to Follow


It’s been awhile since I did an Instagram feature where I share some of my favorite accounts. Since my love for photography has grown so much, I thought I would share with you 9 photographers on Instagram you want to follow! They are able to take such beautiful photos that capture the essence of the human spirit and all the incredible surroundings we seek to visit.

9 Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow! Click to view them all or pin to save for later.

Happy scrolling (they are in no particular order) & I’d love to know which photographer’s style was your favorite?

1. India Earl — @indiaearl

Starting with my current photography crush is India Earl. I am absolutely head over heels in love with her imagery and photography style. Her clients are captured showing so much true emotion and the post-editing with her moody vibes and high contrast are utterly breathtaking.


Keep Exploring : Autocamp in Wine Country


The perfect getaway is to Autocamp located in Sonoma, the heart of wine country. Stay in a camp of customized Airstream trailers along the Russian River and Redwood forests. Get more details by clicking here or PIN to save for later! | Modish and Main

Last week when I was working on my list of New Years Resolutions the first item I put down was to keep exploring. Having been so adventurous in 2016, I had found something within me that contained a deep passion for exploring the world around me. This doesn’t mean hopping on a plane to go half way around the world all the time, but rather the ability to keep exploring anything from within my own city, to the state I live in and everywhere in between. I just want to get out my camera and see things, feel new experiences and live life through amazing memories rather than material things.

Blog / Lifestyle

Wrapping Up 2016


We’re on the final days of 2016 and what a great year it has been! I have travelled to parts of the world I never thought imaginable, launched a new business, and even managed to bring you some fun, new content here on the blog. I’m wrapping up 2016 with a recap of some of my favorite posts!

Wrapping up 2016 | Modish and Main favorite blog posts.

My love for being in the kitchen has grown substantially over the past year as I continue to learn to cook, bake and serve delicious meals that are gluten and dairy free. The most used recipe is my homemade vanilla almond milk. It’s used to make anything from 4-ingredient cookies to açai bowls, caramel sauce and gourmet chia seed pudding.

Lifestyle / Style & Beauty

Say “Cheese” with Smile Brilliant


As a photographer we want our clients to feel their best & a bright, white smile telling them to “say cheese” helps make them feel more comfortable to give back that genuine smile.

As a photographer I want to put the best smile forward to make my clients feel comfortable and ultimately capture the best photo of them. Click to read more about how Smile Brilliant at home whitening system really works! | Modish and Main

Since launching Modish Digital earlier in the fall, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some wonderful families as they get ready to send out holiday cards this season. It’s already intimidating enough to  have your photo taken, so it’s my job as the photographer to make them feel comfortable and develop an immediate connection with me to draw out those genuine, happy moments together as a family. Nothing does that better than a bright, white smile.


Learning to Macrame with Homemade Ventura


A fun girls night out at Madewest Brewery in Ventura to learn how to macrame hosted by Homemade Ventura.

A fun girls night out learning how to macrame hosted by Homemade Ventura (Etsy) at Madewest Brewery | Modish and Main

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram or Pinterest then you’re well aware that macrame has made a huge comeback. As they say, everything comes full circle even in the home decor world! With that being said, when I saw Jessica from Homemade Ventura post via Instagram that she was planning on hosting some macrame workshops throughout the month of December I instantly messaged a bunch of my girlfriends and planned a girls night out.

The workshop was held a few nights ago at Madewest Brewery in Ventura and a few of us gals were able to jump in on the fun of learning how to macrame.  Jessica is really talented and she had a few of her pieces on display. It was quite intimidating, but she reassured us that it looks harder than it actually is! (insert the part where I take a big swig of my beer)


A Gift Set Any Man Would Love


Give the gift any man would love love with this Harry’s shave kit which includes a limited edition engravable razor handle. Personalized and superior product for him, handsome packaging worthy of the bathroom counter for you.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the men in your life? Give the gift of a close shave. These handsome shave kit gift sets from Harry's come with a limited edition engravable razor handle plus all the essentials. Click to read more! | Modish and Main

In my opinion, finding great gifts for men is much harder than it is for women. As a woman, we love accessories, clothes, beauty products, tech, home, books, etc etc. When it comes to a man, they tend to be more niche specific & a lot of thought has to go into finding that perfect gift. Thus, when Harry’s reached out to me to do a collaboration for the holidays I jumped on it because what man isn’t having to shave? (I mean, I know you are out there but it’s rare!)