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A Jaw-Dropping Home Office Makeover Reveal


The suspense is over. I’m sharing my jaw-dropping home office makeover reveal!

A white with wood design home office makeover reveal by Modish and Main

To say that I’m excited to reveal my home office makeover simply doesn’t do it justice. It’s still a jaw-dropping transformation for me, but I am so thrilled with how light, bright and refreshing my new workspace is! While my previous office design was fitting for the industrial design I was originally going for, I simply couldn’t handle the darkness of the space any longer. I now get to show up for work each day in a home office that inspires me to create beautiful content for hours on end.

Now let’s get into the details as to what’s changed, what I added, what I took away and at the very bottom I’ll list all the resources.


Adding Wellness to My Everyday Work Life


We spend a majority of our waking hours working, so I thought I would share how I add wellness to my everyday work life.

This post is sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candle.

Adding wellness into your everyday work life | Modish and Main

Whether it be you wake up and go to an office every day or if you’re like me and work from home, the place you go to work is where we spend a majority of our hours in any given day, in any given week, in any given month. I truly believe that if there’s any place where you should try and achieve a sense of wellness it should be taking place in the areas where you are spending the majority of your time. For me, it’s my home office or my bedroom.


5 Ways to Outsource Your Life


5 Ways to Outsource Your Life | Modish and Main

Alright, I figured it was time that I spill the beans on how I keep my sanity when running 3 separate businesses, plus have a love for travel and quite simply, downtime.. I’m going to share with you 5 ways to outsource your life so that you can lessen the load you carry day-to-day and have back a little bit of your life to enjoy the things you love.

As a blogger, entrepreneur, photographer, adventurer, etc…. time is precious. I’m sure every single person feels that way, especially if you have a family. As per typical with “most” females (not saying all), we carry the responsibility of running the home as well. It was about a year ago now that I changed my outlook on how I felt about outsourcing everyday type of tasks because I equated that with a dollar amount. I bill my clients X amount per hour and if it were to take me 3 hours to shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Costco, well then that’s 3 less hours of potential income.


Let’s Talk Minimalism + How to Achieve It


Let’s talk minimalism.

Guys, I am SO excited about this minimalism blog post and how to achieve it because I’m stepping aside and introducing my dear friend / associate, Christina DeMaio. While I have always been inspired by those who live minimally, it wasn’t until I met Christina that I really started to focus on minimizing the excess in my life. Christina has been working alongside me at Modish Digital and here on Modish & Main since April. Truth be told, she has been the greatest asset to my brand.

Christina is an incredibly talented photographer and graphic designer, but she also has insane organizational skills + actively lives a minimalist life with her husband and dog, Sydney, in Washington D.C.  (sadly, they just moved from California). I cannot wait to hand over the reigns to Christina and have her share with us her journey to minimalism and how in the world she sustains it!

Home Decor

Weekend Makeover | Redesigning My Bar Cart


The quest continues with my weekend makeovers to update areas of my house and my recent project was redesigning my bar cart.

Redesigning my bar cart with everyday items like a vintage record player and houseplants. | Modish and Main #decoratingtips
So there are a few things you’ve probably realized about me by now.

(1) I’m a crazy organizing / re-organizing home freak.
(2) I love my wine + cocktails.

Therefore, all it took was trying to come up with a new cocktail over the weekend and 2 hours later I had redesigned my bar cart and was still left without a cocktail. Go figure. My goal with updating the bar cart was to make it more of a functional design piece rather than a figurative “bar cart.” Therefore, I carefully curated a selection of remaining booze (emptied out 9 bottles) so it no longer overtook the space and then added our record player and vintage vinyl albums. I have also come to learn that the key to pulling any redesign together is adding greenery. In this case, I transferred my basil plant to the bar top along with my Grandpa’s vintage decanter. A little bit functional, a little bit personal = the personal combination.

Style & Beauty

How I Got the Best Skin of My Life


Truth be told, I got the best skin of my life in my mid-thirties.

How I got the best skin of my life in mid-thirties by cutting out dairy and using organic, all-natural skincare from Éminence. | Modish and Main

How I got the best skin of my life has been a very long and educational journey. I’m hoping that my sharing my story and what has worked for me will save you or someone you know the hassle that I had to go through for a much longer period of time.

First of all, our skin is a direct reflection of how we treat it. It wasn’t until I got into my 30’s that I truly understood what that meant. I’ve shared in the past with you that I went dairy free over 2 years ago and that lifestyle change alone completely eliminated my cystic acne.  While I was thrilled with my skin because it was acne free, this year I started to feel like my skin appeared dull and lackluster. That was the beginning of how I got the best skin of my life at 34.


Why You Should Create a Fitness Drawer


Sharing why you should create a fitness drawer to not only stay organized, but also to keep yourself motivated to get that workout in.

Why you should create a fitness drawer to stay organized and motivated to get your workout in. | Modish and Main I think we can all agree that getting into a consistent fitness routine is struggle enough, so I suggest making it one less hassle by creating a fitness drawer. Think of it as a one-stop-shop in getting ready for your next workout.

Personally, I “enjoy” working out in the morning. I’ve been setting the alarm for 5:15am and rather than wander all over my bedroom to grab leggings in this drawer, tank top in that drawer and sports bras & socks in the closet, I decided to create a singular fitness drawer with everything I need. It’s funny how once you have a light bulb moment like this you wonder why it took you so long to do it in the first place. Getting ready for a workout is so quick & easy now, plus I can see at a glance when it’s time to do laundry because I’m running low on certain items.

Lifestyle / Travel

P.S. I Launched a Lifestyle Adventure Brand Called Modish Wanderer


P.S. I launched a lifestyle adventure brand called Modish Wanderer 3 months ago.

Modish and Main launches lifestyle adventure brand called Modish Wanderer If that opening sentence doesn’t tell you what a whirlwind of a summer I’ve had then I don’t know what does. I can’t believe it has taken me 3 months to finally announce the news officially here on Modish & Main about the launch of my lifestyle adventure brand called Modish Wanderer! While you can read more about Our Story on the website, the creation of this brand stems from two friends having a passion to capture a life of adventure.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you probably often see that I absolutely love to travel  & am always seeking new adventures. I have this desire to create a life of incredible memories and my camera often leads me to new destinations. It’s this passion that spurred the concept of Modish Wanderer and really the design behind the logo which takes you from the beaches to the mountains and everywhere in between.