Can It Get Any Better?


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (and even my Modish & Main facebook page) you probably noticed my excitement regarding E! showing a Sex & the City all-day marathon yesterday celebrating 15 years since it all started.

Sex & the City Watching

As with many, many women …. I am a loyal fan of the show owning all the seasons and both movies (seeing them opening night of course!). It’s a blend of embracing the evolution of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte as well as the incredible topics & storylines that were the first of their kind and without a doubt, a fan of the fashion.


Cocktail Hour |Red Wine Sangria Recipe


This weekend we entertained family at the house and mixed in some relaxing time spent hanging out in the back patio. Since it was a perfectly warm day, I made a double batch of red wine sangria that is always a sure fire hit with any crowd!

Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and Main Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and Main There is something about ordering a glass of fresh red wine sangria on a warm, sunny day that just puts you in a relaxing, fun mood. It’s a great recipe to make in large batches when you plan on entertaining a bunch of family and friends. Just set up a drink station complete with glasses, ice, and a spoon for scooping out the marinated fruit medley. Guests are able to serve themselves which you’ll be thanking me later for because this recipe is so good that they’ll be going back quite often for refills!  Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and Main

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Summer Essentials


Ahhhh…. here comes summertime!

Whether you plan to hit the beach, the boardwalk or simply just chill with your friends & family, it’s important to make sure you’ve got all the summer essentials ready to go!

summer essentials

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To me, nothing says “SUMMERTIME” more than hopping on a beach cruiser to cruise the boardwalk or hit up a beach bar for fish tacos and margaritas. I wouldn’t mind getting this beautiful beach cruiser for my birthday next month! (hint hint!)

beach essentials for summer

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Monday Momentum


Monday’s in general can be daunting, let alone the start of a new month which often means new goals, new ambitions, things to conquer this month, etc etc etc.

When I came across this quote from one of my favorite bloggers, Meg Biram, I couldn’t agree more with the statement. It pertains to so many things in life … work, hobbies, healthy eating, exercise, relationships and simply growing as an individual.

Can't Expect Change Inspirational Quote
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I value education and the essence of continued learning to make the changes you want to see in life. For example, when I decided to start this blog, I knew that I didn’t just want to rush out any old website. I wanted to learn what becoming a blogger involved, how to do it this way versus that way, editing images, photography, and so on. I spent the better part of 2+ months not sleeping because I wanted this to happen so badly. And the beauty of it is … I’m still not done learning. Not even close.


Friday Faves 05.31


Happy Friday!!

Before we say “goodbye” to May, I thought I’d share some of my favorite links and images from this past week.

Favorite Links This Week

* I love how gorgeous peonies are! I’m thinking I will need to make a stop at the farmers market to see if they have any to brighten up the house.

* With family coming over this weekend, this Cucumber Gin Fizz cocktail is perfect for a sunny, warm day hanging outside relaxing.

* Logging into Bloglovin’ this morning I was greeted with the BEST news …. the iPad app is now available! I have secretly been begging them to release this and my wishes came true!!


Insta My Weekend


When a 3-day weekend comes around, it’s like the weather gods said “here is your chance to get out of the house & enjoy the sunshine!” So we did ….

And I thought I’d share with you how I documented my weekend through Instagram! (If you’re not following me yet, my Instagram handle is @modishandmain).

We kicked off the weekend by heading over to the Social Tap here in Ventura for some refreshing beverages (and killer fries!) and dominoes. Sadly … I didn’t win.  Wine & Dominoes at the Social Tap

On Saturday we headed over to Ojai (yes, the same Ojai they featured on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters!) for some AMAZING mexican food & blood orange margaritas at Agave Maria’s. I’m not kidding …. the chicken enchiladas were so delicious and you can’t beat a freshly made margarita!


Father’s Day Gift Guide


Plan ahead this year to get the perfect Father’s Day gift! You have just under 3 weeks til June 16th, the day we celebrate the father’s, step-father’s & father figures in our lives.

I remember growing up, I would bike into town to our local drugstore and pick up a box of chocolate covered cherries and a card to give to my Dad. I must have done this for 5-6 years to keep tradition going (and it was probably all I could afford!). I don’t actually know if my Dad really likes chocolate covered cherries, but he at least ate some of them to make me feel like I really got him the perfect gift.


Happy Memorial Day


Growing up this day used to just being about a “day off from school,” but as I get older it takes on a whole new meaning of importance and reflection. I think about my Grandpa’s who both served in WWII, Sean’s family that served in Vietnam, friends that served in the Gulf War and family that still serves today.

This day, Memorial Day, is about thanking those who continue to serve & especially those that aren’t with us today. Have a wonderful day with your family & friends, hopefully enjoying the outdoors and flaring up the grill for hot dogs & hamburgers!

-Kristin Happy Memorial Day