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For most of us, the one item that is with us always is our phone. It’s our connection to the world, our way of touching base, working remotely & snapping pictures in the moment. Since it is our prize possession (and they aren’t cheap!), we should honor how hard it works by covering it with one of these chic tech cases!

Whether you are into simple, fashionable, floral, goofy, vibrant or personal … there’s hundreds to choose from! I’ve chose some of my favorite styles to share with you.

Tech Chic iPhone Cases From Top Left to Right: Rifle Paper Co. Forest Flowers // Rifle Paper Co. Gold Stripes // Tory Burch Wray Mix // Rifle Paper Co. Hello There // Etsy Coral Stripes Linen Case // JCrew Pineapple // Zazzle Aztec // Zazzle Yellow & Grey Ikat // Kate Spade Gold Polka Dot // Kate Spade Hello Sunshine // Erin Condren Personalized Case // Fossil Multi Print // Tory Burch Blue Tie Dye // Rifle Paper Co. Pink Ombré // Kate Spade Leopard // Kate Spade Blue Chevron // Fossil Teal Floral // JCrew Cork // Zazzle I Love Mustaches



Best Memorial Day Sales!


Who doesn’t love a good sale over a 3-day holiday weekend?!?!

I wanted to share with you what I think are some of the BEST sales available …

#1 – Kendra Scott // Up to 50% off sale items + an additional 15% off taken at checkout!
      (I had 9 items in my cart & had to scale back dramatically!)

#2 – Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale // Save up to 40% during this most coveted sale on women & kids!
(I’ve gotten my Frye & Tory Burch boots the past two years during this sale. It’s that good!)

#3 – C.Wonder // Enjoy an extra 50% off sale items!

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Color Crush // Coral


It’s no secret by now that I have a serious color crush on coral. It’s the perfect mix between red and orange, touches on the perfect sunset, enhances a summer tan and can take an outfit from so-so to just right.

Wearing Kendra Scott Danielle Coral Earrings

Color Crush // Coral 1. DV by Dolce Vita Lace Dress // 2. Pretty Flowers // 3. Design Sponge at Home Decor Book // 4. Essie Haute as Hello // 5. Nordstrom Jacket // 6. LOFT Stone Necklace // 7. Kate Spade Watch // 8. Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings // 9. The Cambridge Satchel Co. Handbag // 10. C. Wonder Lacquer Box

Slowly but surely I’m incorporating coral into my home décor with accessories, added a refurbished flea market find into a great porch accent table and my Dad built me an AMAZING laundry room riser for the washer & dryer that got the final touch with coral paint! (at first he thought I wanted to paint it blue because he thought, well coral comes from the ocean so it must be … thanks for the laugh Dad!)


Join Me Next Year…


Who wants to join me next year in NYC for the National Stationary Show??? As a self-admitted hoarder of notebooks, notepads, greeting cards, etc …. I am beyond envious of those that are able to browse aisle after aisle of the 3 day show.

national stationary show

I follow the likes of Rifle Paper Co (@riflepaperco), Sugar Paper LA (@sugarpaperla), and May Designs (@maydesigns) on my Twitter & Instagram and have just been oogling (yes… I said oogling) their posts of new products!

I thought I’d share a few with you to get you even more on board ….

@MayDesigns posted:

@sugarpaperla posted:

@sugarpaperla posted:

@riflepaperco posted:

*On Twitter, search #NSS to see any & all posts vendors and attendees make from the show!


Monday Momentum // Stick Your Neck Out


Being a part of ALT for Everyone last week was such a great experience in that I connected with so many fabulous bloggers, learned an incredible amount & got my creative juices flowing! Our Keynote Speaker was blogger, Joy Cho from Oh Joy!, who is at the top of her game in terms of running an amazing blog & connected businesses. I couldn’t stop thinking about her presentation and in the end, I’ve really embraced that you truly need to stick your neck out for what you want in life. Hard work & persistence will help overcome those road blocks life throws at you and leave you with a clear vision of your ultimate goal.


ALT For Everyone



Ok … so I must apologize in advance if I’m a little M.I.A. as I’ve been attending ALT For Everyone, a three day online bloggers conference. I’m determined to keep learning as much as I can in anything I do. These kind of seminars really set the wheels in motion and reenergize the mind to stay on task towards your ultimate goal!

knowledge quote

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend with family & friends!

– Kristin


Working From Home Ground Rules


As the saying goes, “working from home is meant for some people and not for others.” For me, working from home not only applies to my full-time job at Modish Digital, but also as the creator of Modish & Main. I absolutely love it and do well with it, but not without some ground rules in order to ensure I’m effective.

Getting Started with these 10 Tips for Working From Home | Modish and Main

I have a daily routine that I primarily stick to on any given day. I don’t like to be late to work and I certainly don’t enjoy staying after. Therefore, during my working hours I want to be the most productive .


I Totally Got Sidetracked…


When I sat down last night to write today’s blog post, I totally got sidetracked by my Bloglovin’ feed and these AMAZING links I came across! (note: you could become addicted in seconds and not accomplish anything for the rest of the day/night) Thanks to Hitha On The Go for her latest post on her love of this new website/app that makes shopping even that much better! It’s a personalized shopping magazine fit to all your interests with the inclusion of “like” flags and it’s super-easy to pin the image. (that’s a deal breaker for me usually!) if you are into expanding your skillset with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Photography, etc … this website offers the best classes. BUT … that’s not what got me sidetracked last night. I clicked the link to view their free downloads and was busy downloading amazing design templates for at least 45 minutes to an hour. How great are they to offer these for FREE ?!?! (thank you Alma & Melanie)