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On The Road Again… Big Bear Mountain


Last week I headed up the mountain to Big Bear Lake, CA for a work retreat I helped planned. Eleven women, two dogs, a candy bar, mimosa bar, tea time lunch, and lots of training in one amazing home makes for a fun time!

As a significant part to the event planning, I often turn to Pinterest for ideas to make it extra special and one-of-a-kind. I’d like to think we accomplished that with the fun elements we added to the weekend that gave it a special touch to let the ladies know this weekend was not only about learning, but about having fun too. (lots of photos were posted on Instagram from the team with #bigbearleadership2013)

Style & Beauty

Top 10 Hair Tips


Whether to go for the bob, the pixie, add layers, highlights, lowlights, bangs versus no bangs ….. those choices I cannot help you with unless I know you, your hair and your lifestyle. However, I can give you my Top 10 Hair Tips & Tricks that I know work pretty much universally across the board.  Top 10 Hair Tips Some of these items require me to go into a bit more in-depth so you understand what their purpose is and how to use them. I use these products and/or styles on a regular basis and truly think they are some of the best on the market!

I personally have long, fine hair, so I have definitely made best friends with dry shampoo, the Moroccan Oil Light and the Wet Brush. I’m terrible at getting into the salon for haircuts (we’re talking anywhere from 6-8 months between trims!), so I have to use products that will keep my hair in great shape for as long as possible. I should note that I rarely use a blow dryer and opt for the slight breeze to do it’s thing while I take the dog for a walk. So not applying direct heat on a daily basis definitely helps me extend my trims to 6-8 months!


Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12th which means you have less than 2 weeks to get the perfect gift!

Finding the perfect gift may seem impossible, but with a little thought into “who” she is, what her “lifestyle” is or what she wants but would never “treat” herself too can make the day extra special for Mom. I’ve gone ahead and created a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that should help you out if you’re stuck on what to get.

Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day Cards available on // Classic: Volupsa Crisp Champagne Candle, Vestige Lipstick Holder, Kirra Tate Gold Clover Earrings, lia sophia Pearl Bracelet, Tocca Eau de Parfum Trio // Outdoorsy: Better Homes & Garden Subscription, lia sophia Hummingbird necklace, Kendra Scott Mayra Rose Studs, TOMS Mom Hearts Classics, TOMS Beachmaster Sunglasses // Traveler: #1 Mom Journal & Pen, Kendra Scott Coral Studs, Kindle Gift Card, iPad Mini, Drybar Gift Certificate // Stressed: House Beautiful Subscription, Real Simple Subscription, Aerin Round Match Striker, Julep ‘Guiding Light’ Gift Set, Lollia Hand Creme


Home Decor

Good Reads | Coffee Table Books


Some of the most personal decor you can add to your home comes in the form of a beautiful, hardcover book on your favorite things. I love to stack what I call “coffee table books” on a tray in the living room, stacked up on a bookcase to display my favorite pair of shoes and under a lamp in the office.

The best part about these type of books are the beautiful pictures that generally accompany them. Leave them in places that inspire you and make you want to flip through them every now and then to remind you of why you got them in the first place.

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The Smart Traveler


Raise your hand if you are notorious for over-packing?  Ok … so both of my hands should go straight up!

I have always felt that it’s better to be “over-prepared” then to wish you would have brought something. If the airlines allow you 50 pounds, then I was taking 49.5 of it. Upon returning home, I would simply shake my head at the piles of clothes I never touched, figure out how to get home any new purchases and say I’m going to do better next time.

Well next time is here and I’m much, much better at packing due my creation of a “Packing List.”  Travel Packing List The first page is designed to make sure you don’t forget the essentials, any electronics (and their chargers!), along with accessories. Being able to check off items as you are packing ensures you don’t forget anything.

Home Decor

Entertaining Essentials


Entertaining your family and friends for a certain holiday, cheering on your favorite team, or just to enjoy each others company doesn’t need to be stressful, but does require some essentials.

entertaining essentials 1. Altuzarra Cocktail Set* // 2. C.Wonder Golden Chevron Glasses // 3. Polka Dot and Cheers! Coasters // 4. Stainless Steel Straws // 5. Pint Glass with Crown // 6. Vinturi Wine Aerator // 7. Wooden Muddler with Pouch // 8. Stainless Steel Bar Set // 9. Lemon Beverage Sticks

*the Altuzarra Cocktail Set was originally made available for the Neiman Marcus + Target Holiday Collection. Occasionally the full set or individual cocktail glasses will become available online. The C.Wonder chevron glasses are a great alternative!

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Candy Jar Nail Polish Display


An easy, inexpensive way to showcase your personality is through your nail polish. Yep, that’s right, people do notice your nail polish and it can say a lot about you! Whether you consider yourself “classic” and paint them red, “playful” and purple or opt for a fun design, just remember … it’s only temporary so have fun with it.

I have accumulated quite the collection and can’t quite seem to settle on a set location for them! They’ve been anywhere from inside the guest bathroom medicine cabinet, to being on display in my home office, in a glass candy jar and currently stored inside decorative trunks. My “OCD” tendencies tend to lean towards an option that has them stored away.


4.20.13 Link Love Top 5


Link Love

heart icon  to & from, Spring Gift Guide came out this week and it doesn’t disappoint! Created by Meg Biram &  Katie Anderson, it is a thoughtfully curated collection of 142 pages of the perfect Mother’s Day, Graduation, Birthday, Wedding, etc gifts. It’s Amazing! Amazing!!!! (Psst … they do multiple versions throughout the year!)

to&from spring gift guide

As you can see …. I have plenty I want to give (& get) !!

heart icon With my love of finding the perfect bar cart this week, Society Social makes you love bar carts &          everything pineapple!

heart icon Love this super cute way to style a basic tee.

heart icon What a lovely way to spruce up your basic notebook!