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Makeup My Day

What I love about makeup is that you can change it by mood, by time of day, by outfit, by event, etc. It truly is an extension of your personality and you deserve to let it shine! I would definitely say I was a “late bloomer” into the makeup world, but ever since I immersed myself in style and beauty magazines, the temptation to play with makeup was too great!

Let’s be honest though, makeup can be overwhelming … especially when you walk into a drugstore and see hundreds upon hundreds of options. I have kind of taken the liberty to be your guinea pig and have tried countless products and really have narrowed it down to my likes & dislikes (for my reasons of course).

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Organize Your Magazine Clippings


organize magazine clippings

Before Pinterest came along, we relied on reading our magazines, tearing out the pages, and then sticking them away in some “logical” spot with the hope that you will one day revisit them and remember why you were inspired in the first place. For the record, Pinterest has helped with a lot of the issues, but I’m extremely loyal to my paper magazine that I can touch and feel with my own hands and still rip out page after page from the over 14 magazine subscriptions that I have. Yes, I said 14 and that doesn’t include the speciality mags that you can’t subscribe to (we’ll get to that list on a future post!).

Dog Days

Please Meet…


Meet Dexie

paw print  MY BASIC INFO:

Name: Dexie        Breed: Golden Retriever        Age: 4 1/2       Weight: A Lady Never Tells!

paw print MY STORY:

My previous owners turned me into the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue Group (SCGRR) in Mid-October of 2012. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave the volunteers with much information about “why” they didn’t want me anymore. They did at least tell them that I once had a litter of puppies about two years ago and that I should probably get spayed.

I got placed with a great foster family that took me to all the vet check-ups that I passed with flying colors, got me all cleaned up and ready to find my new forever home.  paw prints


Cocktail Hour | Mojitos


Cocktail Hour Mojitos

Sunday evening was so nice here in Ventura and it was my parent’s last day before they had to fly home to chilly Wisconsin. Earlier that day we stopped by the Channel Islands Farmer’s Market to grab some fresh produce for the week and I stumbled upon some mint that smelled so divine I just grabbed some without any intentions of knowing what I was going to do with it.

After we labored around the house and finished some DIY projects, a refreshing cocktail is just what we needed and the classic Mojito was the perfect way to utilize the fresh mint.  The Mojito is often known as the “Cocktail of Cuba,” but history can’t agree upon who officially came up with the drink. Some believe Sir Francis Drake is responsible while others claim it was crafted by the slaves who worked the sugar cane fields. Whoever it was … thank you for introducing this delicious cocktail to all of us!

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Color Crush // Yellow


color crush yellow

1. Yellow Tulips 2. Kate Spade Saturday Weekender Bag 3. ikat Pillows 4. Kate Spade Saturday ‘The Weekend’ Planner 5. Poppin’ Desk Accessories 6. Positive Affirmation Quote 7. Michael Kors iPhone 5 Case 8. eos Lip Balm in Lemon Drop 9. Michael Kors ‘Selma’ Satchel 10. lia sophia ‘Interval’ Bracelet 11. lia sophia ‘Tightrope’ Bracelet

Lately it seems that I cannot get enough of yellow! It’s not that I ever disliked the color before, but was never really drawn to it as a color I could relate to or incorporate into my lifestyle. Well that whole theory went out the window and now it’s a full-fledge major color crush.

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The Hunt For The Perfect Notebook


First things first … not all notebooks are created equal. Some might consider me a connoisseur of notebooks considering that at any given time there may be 10-12 of them in use. They all differ in functionality and purpose, but contain the same end-goal in mind …. help keep me organized and quite frankly, sane.

Noteworthy Notebooks

 1. Molly Jacques Notepad 2. Kate Spade Saturday Notebook Set 3. May Designs Custom Notebook 4. Darling Design Gold Foil Notebook 5. Currently Unavailable, similar fashion notebook here 6. Chevron Notebook by 7. Emily Ley Ombre Notebook 8. Smythson ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ Notebook

For quite awhile I was pretty loyal to Martha Stewart’s small and large notebooks that you could buy at Staples, but on my last visit I was extremely saddened to see that they decided to no longer carry them. So the hunt for the perfect notebook started once again.


Link Love!



Honestly, some of my favorite things to share are what other people are doing! I figure, why keep this great stuff to myself? If I love it, then I’m thinking maybe you will too!

heart_nobck   Anybody else ready for a tropical vacation? Here are some great packing essentials.

heart_nobck  After getting mentally packed for vacation, who’s ready for a delicious Beer Margarita?

heart_nobck I love everything created by Inslee, including this fab drawing about a linen company.

heart_nobck Seriously in love with the styling of Alaina’s Chicago apartment featured on The Everygirl!

heart_nobck Learn how to travel & still look stylish with Victoria from vmac & cheese.

heart_nobck I’m at LuckyFABB and you can be too! Here’s a great place to see everyone’s snapshots!


30 Gifts For 30th Birthday


Celebrate a milestone birthday by gifting someone special a box full of 30 gifts for their 30th birthday! It doesn’t have to be expensive, just get creative and festive and they are sure to love it. For all the gift ideas click to read more or pin to save for later! — Modish and Main

Is someone in your life about to embark on celebrating their milestone 30th Birthday?!?! Show them how much you love them by celebrating with 30 gifts for 30 years. That’s right, they get one big box full of 30 little gifts where the fun never stops.

30th Birthday Gift Idea — 30 Gifts for 30 Years | Modish and Main

30th Birthday Gift Idea — 30 Gifts for 30 Years | Modish and Main

30th Birthday Gift Idea — 30 Gifts for 30 Years | Modish and Main

30th Birthday Gift Idea — 30 Gifts for 30 Years | Modish and Main

30th Birthday Gift Idea — 30 Gifts for 30 Years | Modish and Main

30th Birthday Gift Idea — 30 Gifts for 30 Years | Modish and Main

Thinking of one gift to get someone for their birthday can sometimes be hard enough, try thinking of 30 gifts! I shopped with a plan in mind and knew I was going to mix high and low price points as it was more about the thoughtfulness that went into each of the selections than the overall price tag.