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Part 2 – My Jewelry Displays


Earlier I showed you how I display my delicate necklaces using 3M Command Clear Mini Hooks on the back wall of my closet. Now for Part 2, I’m going to show you how I display the rest of my jewelry collection.

As I mentioned before, jewelry that is hidden stays hidden. I simply cannot remember to wear something if it’s put away in a jewelry box. I am much more inspired to wear a piece or see what my options are if they are displayed in an organized, yet fun way that compliments my home office.

I use both my home office closet space and my credenza tabletop to display all of it. Here’s a glimpse at my collection, hope you enjoy!

display statement necklaces on your closet rod

display long necklaces

place your bracelets in a candy jar

display large bracelets on a tiered display bar

Jewelry Display Stand

bracelet tree for display

ring display organizers

gold ring display organizer

silver ring display organizer

Kendra Scott Earrings & Ring

Kendra Scott Earrings in a tray

Earrings Displayed on a Lamp

It’s quite a bit of jewelry to display, but having it in my home office inspires me to play dress up almost every day! Look for unique ways to use your jewelry collection as part of your decorative scheme in a part of your house, whether it be in your bedroom, office or a special area you get to call all your own. Have fun with it!

– Kristin

3 comments on “Part 2 – My Jewelry Displays”

    1. Hey Danielle!

      Those ring displays are actually from Target in their closet organizing section. They’re great if you have room to stick them in a drawer too!

      Thanks for following the blog!

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