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The Hunt For The Perfect Notebook


First things first … not all notebooks are created equal. Some might consider me a connoisseur of notebooks considering that at any given time there may be 10-12 of them in use. They all differ in functionality and purpose, but contain the same end-goal in mind …. help keep me organized and quite frankly, sane.

Noteworthy Notebooks

 1. Molly Jacques Notepad 2. Kate Spade Saturday Notebook Set 3. May Designs Custom Notebook 4. Darling Design Gold Foil Notebook 5. Currently Unavailable, similar fashion notebook here 6. Chevron Notebook by 7. Emily Ley Ombre Notebook 8. Smythson ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ Notebook

For quite awhile I was pretty loyal to Martha Stewart’s small and large notebooks that you could buy at Staples, but on my last visit I was extremely saddened to see that they decided to no longer carry them. So the hunt for the perfect notebook started once again.

In my opinion, the perfect notebook should be:

  • slim
  • flexible (it’s impossible to write next to the binding!)
  • clean design (just simple notebook lines for me, no pretty watermark design)
  • sturdy cover
  • aesthetically pleasing (let’s be honest, this is really the most important!)

You’re probably asking, “what could she possibly use so many notebooks for?” I often have so many thoughts running through my head at a given time that if I didn’t have a designated spot to write them down, who knows what kind of catastrophe would ensue. The notebooks purpose varies from To-Do Lists, Daily Notes (things I come across that I want to spend more time looking at later), Blog Ideas, Upcoming Projects, etc. It’s what works for me and I’m often found carrying at least one or two of these notebooks in my handbag at a given time.

So tell me, what notebook do you like best and what do you use them for?

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    1. Hi Rob! Ha ha ha, well I hope my answer is valuable to you! I hold it resting on the pad of my 4th finger & use my thumb, 1st and 2nd finger to balance it against the 4th finger. I must press pretty hard on that finger because I have quite an indent!

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