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Meet Dexie

paw print MY BASIC INFO:

Name: Dexie        Breed: Golden Retriever        Age: 4 1/2       Weight: A Lady Never Tells!

paw print MY STORY:

My previous owners turned me into the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue Group (SCGRR) in Mid-October of 2012. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave the volunteers with much information about “why” they didn’t want me anymore. They did at least tell them that I once had a litter of puppies about two years ago and that I should probably get spayed.

I got placed with a great foster family that took me to all the vet check-ups that I passed with flying colors, got me all cleaned up and ready to find my new forever home. paw prints

October 27, 2012 – the day I went home with my new “mom,” Kristin.

After of a few days of adjusting to my new life, I quickly learned that I love my daily walks, trips to the park or beach, my cozy beds, peanut butter flavored bones, and that my new owner really really loves me.

paw print MY FUN FACTS:

  • Once caught a bird in the house (it quickly got away, but left lots of feathers behind!)
  • Super messy when I drink water
  • Not sure how much I like this concept called “fetch”
  • People often comment on how large my paws are
  • Really love playing tug-of-war with my stuffed animals
  • They call me a “velcro golden” because I always want to be next to my owners side
  • Sniffing every bush, tree, and lamp post is one of my favorite things to do. Maybe I have a little bloodhound in me ?!?!
  • Love to go get the mail and then do “hot laps” in the front yard

kristin and dexie at beach

*This is my owner, Kristin, and I at the beach in Montecito, CA

Thanks for “meeting” me and if you are looking to adopt a pet, I beg you to look at your local rescue organizations as there could be a loving dog like me just needing a new forever home.

Dexie signature

For more information about the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue (SCGRR), please visit

*this is by no means a sponsored post. I just simply love the organization and know there are so many great ways to help a dog in need. 

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