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August 1st is marking my official kick off of a post-summer detox! Guys, I have had an amazing summer that has involved traveling to Italy, spending long days at the lake in Wisconsin, 10 nights in Lake Tahoe, celebrating my birthday and list goes on and on. I have absolutely no regrets over my summer, but now it’s time to shut it down.

Summer in general just involves a lot of outdoor barbecues, gatherings with friends and then when you top it off with travel you realize 2 months later that you’ve basically been drinking the entire time, eating whatever you wanted and not finding time to get to the gym. It all adds up. We declared at the beginning of July that we’ll end the month with a bang and then come August 1st, it’s time to detox the body. For the next 31 days there will be no consumption of alcohol and I’ll be really focusing on eating healthy, nutritional foods that are low in carbohydrates and fats. In addition, you can bet my butt will be in the gym.

It boils down to just wanting to be the best healthy version of myself that I can. I gained some pounds over the summer and when your cleaning lady sees you for the first time in a few months and comments on the weight gain…. you start counting down the days until August 1st! I wasn’t mad at her, it was the truth. I did this to myself and could only laugh when she said it. I gave her a high five and said, “Yeah, it really was a good summer!”

I will try and share the progress of my detox throughout the month on Instagram and Snapchat (@modishandmain), including what I’m eating and the type of workouts I’m completing day in and day out. If you’re up for joining me on this quest, give me a heads up and let’s cheer each other on!

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