Pack-It Folders


Now you can travel lighter than ever with Eagle Creek Specter Pack-It Folders. It’s essential for organized travel, keeping everything from suits to shirts neatly folded, compact and wrinkle-free. Each folder includes a special, lightweight folding board with folding and packing instructions. These Folders are modular components of the Eagle Creek Pack-It System. When packing garments, remove the folding board after folding each garment and use it to fold the next item. Alternating the direction of each garment makes efficient use of your packing space. After loading your folded clothes onto the Pack-It Folder, place the folding board on top garment and close the folder snugly with hook and loop fasteners. The small folder holds 6-8 men’s dress shirts and the medium holds 8-12.

These are my go-to travel products for making packing a breeze!


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