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This weekend we entertained family at the house and mixed in some relaxing time spent hanging out in the back patio. Since it was a perfectly warm day, I made a double batch of red wine sangria that is always a sure fire hit with any crowd!

Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and MainRed Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and MainThere is something about ordering a glass of fresh red wine sangria on a warm, sunny day that just puts you in a relaxing, fun mood. It’s a great recipe to make in large batches when you plan on entertaining a bunch of family and friends. Just set up a drink station complete with glasses, ice, and a spoon for scooping out the marinated fruit medley. Guests are able to serve themselves which you’ll be thanking me later for because this recipe is so good that they’ll be going back quite often for refills! Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and Main

Red Wine Sangria Recipe:
*I doubled the recipe to fill my sangria dispenser

2 bottles Red Table Wine (I usually choose a Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon)
1 cup Brandy
1/2 cup Triple Sec
1 cup Orange Juice (pulp free!)
1 cup POM Juice
1/2 cup Simple Syrup*
Mixed Fruit Medley of your choosing (i.e. orange, apple & peach slices, blackberries, blueberries)

*If you wonder how to make your own Simple Syrup, check out my Mojito or Caipirinha cocktail recipes.

*For best taste, make the sangria 12-18 hours before drinking

Pour all liquid ingredients into dispenser and mix.
Add mixed fruit medley and gently stir.
Place in fridge and let it “marinate” for 12-18 hours.
Serve on ice with a scoop of the fruit medley and enjoy!

Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and Main

Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and Main

Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Modish and Main

If you’re looking to get yourself a fabulous drink dispenser for all your summer cocktails, here are a few suggestions: Pottery Barn | Wayfair | Pier 1 | Crate & Barrel

Do you prefer red sangria or do you switch things up for a lighter white wine sangria? I haven’t tried making a white sangria yet and would love some great recipe suggestions!

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