Reflecting on 33 : Day 6


As I stated yesterday, I plan on sharing with you my reflections each day leading up to my 33rd birthday next week on the 27th. I honestly welcome each birthday with open arms. I know some people who dread getting older each year, but I truly embrace it.  Not only am I grateful to be alive and healthy with a great family, but each year comes with a better understanding of who I am, what I want out of life and eliminating things from it that are just a distraction.

You may have noticed on the blog that my home posts have been pretty minimal. This is because I made a conscious decision over a year ago to reduce spending our money on materialistic things for a house that is already beautifully put together. New seasonal throw pillows aren’t going to make my life any happier in the long run.

You know what will?


Day 6 : Put Travel at the Top of Your List

Italy Travel Log - Castiglione de Lago, Tuscany | Modish and Main

I say this with 100% sincerity, traveling to Italy last summer with my family was a life-changing. Experiencing another culture, tasting their food, drinking their wine and laughing over moments that are forever embedded in my memory was enough to light a fire within me that I simply can’t get enough of.

It made me realize that no amount of things that clutter my home could fulfill my soul like traveling does. I remember talking to my Dad when we had 3 days left of our trip and we were in Northern Italy, telling him with tears in my eyes that I didn’t want to go home. I had fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with Italy. Cue the Savage Garden song. 

Shortly after returning home from Italy  Aisha invited me to attend her wedding in Santorini, Greece just 2.5 months away. My body screamed “YES,” but then of course I rambled off thoughts like … “can I afford to go?”, “who goes overseas twice in just 4 months?”, “who would be able to come with me?”

It took all of a few days and the decision was made. I was going to Greece. The best part? I convinced my brother, Ryan, to join me and we had the best time exploring the island together. Within a few days, he had caught the travel bug.

30+ photos of Santorini, Greece that will inspire you to travel. Take a look at all the beautiful photos and get the pros and cons of our trip by clicking here or pin to save for later! — Modish and Main30+ photos of Santorini, Greece that will inspire you to travel. Take a look at all the beautiful photos and get the pros and cons of our trip by clicking here or pin to save for later! — Modish and Main

Within the past 12 months I have traveled to Italy, Lake Tahoe, Greece, Sonoma, Beaver Creek, New Orleans and Vancouver. I’m committed to collecting memories rather than things.

I often think about my neighbors, Soraya & Randy, who retired last summer and are scheduled to travel the world together. I’m so inspired by them & their zest for exploration. Traveling isn’t just for the wealthy. Take a look at where you’re spending your money, create a wanderlust money jar, go on little 3-4 day mini vacations. Start small. One of my all-time favorite trips is when a group of friends went camping in Big Sur for my 30th birthday. It wasn’t extravagant, we didn’t have running water, but it was impressionable all these years later.

Explore, eat and drink your way through scenic Vancouver and Whistler, Canada. | Travel log by Modish and Main

Get out and travel and then travel some more.
Plan on visiting New Orleans? Take a peek at my travel log where we spent 3 beautiful days in The Big Easy of New Orleans. | Modish and Main

Lake Tahoe — Edgewood Golf Course | Modish and Main

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  1. I just saw this quote and thought of you…..
    “Travel leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.”

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