Reflections on 33 : Day 3


Anyone else feel like when the actual week of your birthday finally arrives that the final few days go by so slowly? I’m eager for Thursday to arrive so I can celebrate with friends, but I somehow have to find a way to stay focused and get some work done in the meantime.

As a woman, an entrepreneur, a friend and a citizen of this world now more than ever we should be lifting one another up and spreading positivity. I feel like we are bombarded with constant negativity in the news and playing the comparison game on social media, but what we should be doing is asking ourselves “what is one thing I can do today that spreads kindness, happiness or shows support?”

That brings me to my Day 3 reflection.

Day 3 : Spread Kindness, Happiness and an Abundance of Support

Make a commitment to spread kindness, happiness and an abundance of support! | Modish and MainHave you ever been complimented by a stranger and walked away feeling a sense of joy & happiness? That person went out of their way to share something positive with you and in turn, your day just got a little bit brighter. That’s how I want to make someone feel each and every day. I want to commit to spreading kindness and happiness through small gestures that require little to no time at all, yet create such a big impact.

This can be done by complimenting a stranger, buying the person behind you a coffee, holding open the door for someone or sending a positive comment to someone on social media. This message ESPECIALLY pertains to women. Far too often I see women criticizing other women rather than supporting them.  Hey, unfortunately we already have men criticizing us daily whether we like it or not, why in the heck would we as women want to add to that? Now more than ever we need to stand by one other and promote positivity through kindness.

No one is perfect. Not me, not you. Embrace imperfections within yourself and others. This little change in your mindset can promote a wealth of happiness that’s contagious.

Back onto the topic of support. Jealously and judgment only brings negativity onto yourself.


Jealously and judgement only brings negativity onto yourself.

Imagine the next time you see a woman have 100k+ Instagram followers and instead of saying, “what makes her so special that so many people want to follow her?”, say “Dang, that girl is killing it!”  Then what you do next is leave a comment on one of her photos telling her that she looks great and is killing it! You know what you just did? You promoted kindness, happiness and showed an abundance of support. That’s far stronger than that one negative thought.

We’ve come a long ways as women to get to where we are today and we have a long ways yet to go. We better be supporting one another and be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. The success of one woman is success for us all. We’re all paving ways in unique ways that allow for more growth and prosperity for women and the greatest thing we can do to give back is to continue to support other women.

I hope you’ll join me in spreading kindness, happiness and an abundance of support moving forward!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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  1. Kristen….I totally agree with you. It’s such a great feeling to bring a smile to someone. You brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pre Birthday!!!! Being nice and thoughtful is so much easier than being angry. Have a great evening. Speaking of women entrepreneurs I hope you been able to read what my daughter is doing. If not please check it out on my page.

    Sending smiles your way.

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