Reflections on 33 : Day 4


The countdown is on! Let’s be real though, I think birthday’s should be celebrated the entire month. July is all mine & I’ve always loved it even as a kid because I was on summer break. That’s not quite so easy an adult to pull off, but summertime certainly has it’s perks.

When it comes to celebrating my birthday, I seek simpler things. I don’t need anything extravagant besides good friends/family, my pup and a cocktail in my hand. For my 30th a small group of us went camping up in Big Sur where we locked our phones in the glove box because we had no service and running water meant placing a jug on top of stacked coolers. Our days were spent playing bocce ball or frisbee tag on the beach and a good game of Phase 10. Quite honestly, it’s probably my favorite birthday ever. I loved the companionship enjoyed over the small things in life.

That brings me to Day 4 reflections.

Day 4 : Enjoy the Simple Things

Weekend Recap on Modish and Main | Playing dominoes at Rumfish Y Vino in Ventura, CA

Seek to find happiness in the simple things.

You can often find Sean & I at a local bar or even in our back patio with our set of dominoes in hand and kicking the afternoon away over a simple game of bones. We’ll spend hours enjoying each other’s company with a few moments of banter, but plenty more of laughter. Nights at home could be a game of scrabble or a bike ride to town. We’re so often caught up in this rat race of life and rarely even know how to decompress. Finding the ability to enjoy the simple things keeps you in touch with the reality around you.

While on vacation earlier this month to Lake Tahoe with my family, we spent most evenings out at the picnic tables playing games enjoying a bottle of wine and some country music on the radio. In those moments I felt far more connected to those closest to me than a night out ever could.

The pleasure of simple things are all around us. Some of my greatest joys are sticking my nose in a good book (I read over 45 a year) or assembling a puzzle for hours on end. I’m guilty of being attached to my phone too often these days and it upsets me that I can’t seem to watch a show anymore without checking it 5-6 times. It’s often why more & more I leave my phone at home when I take Dexie on a walk because I need that detachment and reminder to just go out and enjoy the walk. Enjoy my sweet pup on the other end of the leash, the palm trees that surround my neighborhood and kids playing kickball like we used to. We (meaning Dexie and I) like to sit at the end of the park on a bench and just watch the world go by for a handful of minutes.

National Puzzle Day | Modish and Main

That simple gesture brings me more satisfaction than I ever thought possible.

I encourage you to join me moving forward in enjoying more of the simple things in life. Quieting the mind down, being a bit more carefree and finding time to enjoy the things and the people that make you happy. I often think of my 94 year old Grandma who finds that a great day is when she has a roof over her head, food in her belly and a good game of cards under her belt. The simple things in life.

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Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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