Time to Rest and Refocus


Without intentionally doing so, I took a month off from writing on the blog to allow myself time to rest and refocus.

Time to Rest and Refocus in the New Year | Modish and Main

Leading up to the holidays, I worked well in advance on my client projects so that while I was back home in Wisconsin for 10 days, I could truly be present to enjoy time with my family. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that you’re able to have flexibility in your schedule and allow yourself to prioritize tasks, appointments, self care and family as you see fit.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t worry about creating content for the blog. I never want to push content just for the sake of having something fresh & new without there being a real passion behind it. This is a place where I strive to bring you posts that I truly care about and come from a place of authenticity. Sure, I could try and come up with content for 5 posts a week, but I know my heart would only be in 1-2 of them. The principle of quality over quantity comes into play here.

After we returned from our holiday vacation, I’ve eased into the New Year and allowed myself time to rest and refocus on what I really want to pursue this year. I don’t really believe in setting New Years Resolutions that must begin on January 1st. We have 12 months to cultivate our aspirations and in my opinion, there’s way too much stress in thinking that we have to come out the gates in a sprint. I think approaching the year in a calm and steady pace is far better for longevity and avoiding burnout then coming in hot.

I’ve started a new morning routine that consists of getting up at 5:20am and spending 15 minutes writing in my new Charm Journal that my dear friend/associate Christina just released. I’m typically one to start and fail at these, but I’m 2 weeks in and have noticed that I look forward to taking the time to jot down my thoughts, gratitude, action steps and even taking 5-10 extra minutes for personal development.

After I get done with that and the sun is starting to rise, I take Dexie for a walk and follow that up with a great workout. I’ve been experiencing some terrible inflammation in my back and have found that exercise really helps release the tension that I carry. I’ll touch more on that another day.

What I’m trying to say is, thank you for hanging in there as I took this time to rest and refocus coming into the year. I have exciting projects and trips coming up that I can’t wait to share with all of you. If you want to see what I’m up to on a more daily basis, head over to my Instagram where I’m sharing all the goods (like decorating & organizing my mother-in-laws new house!).

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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