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Organizing for me is my peaceful place. I can truly get lost in a project for hours by trying to determine the best organizing method & tools for the space. It’s my thing. I understand it isn’t for others. Having organized spaces around me keeps me calm, less stressed and more likely to spend time channeling my inner creativity.

Organize Art Supplies #sharpies

I shared with you awhile ago how I stored my Sharpie markers in craft boxes neatly labeled determined by their size. This was great in terms of storing my vast amount of markers, but it wasn’t so great when it came to using them. There was no order to the markers once I opened the box and it didn’t fit my needs when I had my spurts of creativity brewing!

So I looked around at what I had & I found this turn-about tool that is designed to be used in the kitchen for your utensils (I couldn’t handle all my stuff being out on the counter!). It wasn’t being used anymore for the kitchen, but it’s perfect for my sharpie marker organization.

Organize Art Supplies #sharpies

Organize Art Supplies #sharpies

Now at-a-glance I can easily see all the colors I have available and it looks pretty sitting out on a shelf in my home office. Organizing goal accomplished!

Organize Art Supplies #sharpies

Organize Art Supplies #sharpies

Organize Art Supplies #sharpies

Stay tuned tomorrow as I have a fun, creative project I’ve been working on that involves the use of these markers, some colored pencils, a ruler and a whole lot of fun!

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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  1. I saw that you answered Molly within 2 days, but no answer for Sofia. I have, now, the same question: Where did you purchase the Sharpie organizer? And/or would you tell me the brand?

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