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Spring Flower Arrangement


Let’s preface this post by saying that I have a love/hate relationship with flowers. I obviously love the prettiness factor, but there’s something to say about the mood of a room when fresh flowers are displayed. I feel a sense of pride for my home when I look over in the dining room and see blooming flowers and lots of greenery. Maybe it’s that I actually feel like an adult that’s really grown up and is willing to spend $10 every few weeks to get fresh bouquets. Unfortunately, this feeling tends to only last 3-7 days before I ultimately do something wrong and the flowers die. I literally am known to do some sort of happy dance when they have managed to stay alive over a week!

Over on Cambria Winery’s blog last week I shared an easy way to recycle your empty wine bottles and use them as vases for fresh flower arrangements this spring. Since I had some flowers left over, I grabbed my glass bottle display from Decor Steals that was previously being used in my home office for my pen assortment and put it to use for another pretty display of blooms.

Spring Flower Arrangement | @decorsteals | Modish and Main

I’m sorta of obsessed with how cute and whimsical it turned out that I’m sure it will never go back to being a pen holder in my office. All it took was snipping the stems down to the appropriate height and playing around with the arrangement till I got where I was happy with the look. This could easily be displayed on my dining room table as well for a focal centerpiece when having friends and family over.

Spring Flower Arrangement | @decorsteals | Modish and Main

Spring Flower Arrangement | @decorsteals | Modish and Main

Spring Flower Arrangement | @decorsteals | Modish and Main

The Ranunculus (the white flowers) are blooming so beautifully. The layers of petals just keep opening up day after day and it’s so pretty to look at! Fingers crossed, I’ve only managed to lose one flower stem after 6 days thanks to the tips I got from Whole Foods (i.e. change the water daily!). Spring Flower Arrangement | @decorsteals | Modish and Main

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