St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef Recipe


Even though I have zero lineage tied to Ireland, I still love to celebrate a holiday featuring authentic foods and drinks! I even recently came to find out that I actually don’t mind drinking a Guinness every now and then. Don’t let the dark color scare you away! 

One recipe that I never gave a chance was corned beef. The name alone scared me off. It wasn’t until I needed to create a recipe for Cambria Wines that my hand was forced and I’m so glad it was! I couldn’t believe all the flavors that it has.

Well instead of just creating a traditional corned beef & cabbage, I decided to go outside the box and make a corned beef and cabbage panini complete with melted cheddar cheese. I’m telling you, we won’t be waiting till next year to make this again!

You can get the full recipe here!

Corned Beef and Cabbage Panini Recipe | Cambria Wines

Hope you have a great night celebrating and that you may even get kissed by an Irishman!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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