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As an often traveling photographer, I carry a lot of camera equipment with me. See what I bring & a selection of stylish, yet functional camera backpacks. | Modish and Main


As a freelance lifestyle, family, portrait, event, food and travel photographer I’m always carrying around a lot of camera gear. As much as I love my crossbody or tote bags, I was on the hunt for a stylish AND functional camera backpack that would be ready at a moments notice to be on-the-go.

When I first started my research into looking at camera backpacks I was drawn to the stylish aspect first when I needed to be looking at functionality as a priority. I’ve gotten caught up in that trap before & have spent hundreds of dollars on beautiful leather camera bags only to find that they didn’t fit my camera as well as they claimed or they weren’t practical for my lifestyle.  #fail

Since it feels like I’m always on-the-go with my camera, I wanted a camera backpack for a number of reasons and was determined to find the perfect one.

  1. To equally distribute the weight and to give my shoulders and back a break.
  2. Hands free mobility.
  3. Be able to hold my camera body + 2-3 lenses.
  4. Travel bag that can hold my camera gear + tripod + laptop, water bottle, and in-flight essentials.
  5. Easy access to my camera while it’s on my back.
  6. Can handle adventurous journies!

So, in turn I was able to narrow it down to these 8 camera backpacks that are equally functional as they are stylish.

A photographers dream — a selection of stylish and functional camera backpacks. | Modish and Main1. Jo Totes “Bellbrook” Backpack | 2. Brevite “The Original” | 3. Caden | 4.  GoGroove Backpack Case | 5. Tavik “Daley” Backpack | 6. Vitna “S-Series Forest” Travel Bag |  7. Kelly Moore “Pilot” Backpack | 8. WANDRD “PRVKE” Camera Bag

Each of these backpacks have a ton of capabilities and unique features. Click on the links above to read more, see additional photos, etc. I’d be here all day if I went into each of their functionalities!

With that being said, I did decide to take the plunge and invest in one of these camera backpacks! Eeeks I’m so excited. I haven’t yet received it, but I’m thinking it’ll work perfectly when I fly to Wisconsin in March for a 3 week trip that’s going to take me throughout all parts of the state to visit family. After that I’ve got trips to New Orleans, Vancouver and Lake Tahoe already booked before the end of summer. Something tells me this new backpack is going to see a ton of action!

Once I get a trip under my belt with the new camera backpack, I’ll announce on Instagram which bag I got and what I think of it! Stay tuned…

As an often traveling photographer, I carry a lot of camera equipment with me. See what I bring & a selection of stylish, yet functional camera backpacks. | Modish and Main

For those of you wondering what camera gear usually comes along with me on my travels, here it is. It’s pretty minimal to what I’ve seen other big-time photographers carry, but with due time I’ll continue to build my gear! You can find most of these items in my online shop under ‘photography.’

MeFoto Aluminum Travel Tripod | Lens Cleaner | Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 | Card Case | Remote Wireless Remote | Trio Lens Filters | EyeFi SD Card (makes camera Wifi capable) | SD Cards | Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Camera Strap (similar here)

If you own a camera backpack and love it, please leave a comment with which brand and style it is! My research is never done and I’m curious to learn more about products available in the photography world.

I hope you liked this introduction into my passion for photography and I plan on sharing a lot more about this professional hobby I pursue everyday!

Keep Living a Stylized Life. 

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