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Stylish Shades for Summer


There are many things I love about living in Southern California …. from the amazing scenery, vineyards galore, endless things to do, but most of all, I love the abundance of sunshine. Growing up in the midwest, we often dealt with unfavorably long winters that left you craving your next adventure to someplace warm!

Over 300+ days of sunshine, I rely on a multitude of cool sunglasses to get me by. I have shades & styles from various designers, but since I like to have them planted everywhere to ensure I’m never without, spending a fortune on them isn’t an option.

I came across Warby Parker not too long ago and was completely impressed with not only their styles of sunglasses (and eyeglasses!), but the PRICE! A quality pair of sunglasses with the option to add prescription lenses & here’s the best part …. when we buy a pair, they give a pair to someone in need. Stylish shades for all! I love that!

The sunglasses I’m totally loving right now are the aviator styles. (I’m rockin’ a pair here) I swear, everyone looks good in a proper fitting aviator! Umm…. think Tom Cruise in Top Gun. I was so excited to see that Warby Parker’s newest collection, Meridian,  is all about the aviators and the impromptu adventures that lie ahead.

Since I have a rather small face shape, I completely gravitated towards the ‘Flannery.’ A medium-fit that leans more towards the traditional take on the aviator and topped off with a gorgeous polished gold frame.


Warby Parker // Meridian Collection // Flannery
Images Courtesy of Warby Parker

Hmmm …. I would say I’m more in “need” of a silver pair of aviators and the ‘Flannery’ in Jet Silver would fit the bill too! Tough decisions.

Warby Parker // Meridian Collection // Flannery Aviator
Image Courtesy of Warby Parker

The other two styles in the Meridian Collection, Exley & Raskin, are equally as stylish. In my opinion, if you were to purchase one new pair of sunglasses for the summer, go with an aviator. I promise you won’t regret it!

*this post was in no way paid for, just my opinion on a great brand & their sunglasses.

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine on a walk with Dexie!

– Kristin

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