Stylizing My Living Room Cut Out // Part 1.


As you may know, we bought a new house over the summer and I’ve been so busy with the boys, work and the blog to really take time to make it our home.  We spend most of our time in the kitchen/ living room area since it’s one big room.  Included in this large space is the most awkward cut out right next to the fireplace that traditionally was supposed to fit a television.  Well… that is if your TV is only a 30″.


So my thought is to make this a great storage area yet pleasing to the eye.  I picked this dresser up on a local facebook group that sells painted furniture!  Someday I will tackle doing it myself, but when I saw this piece and loved it I figured my someday was not anytime soon.


This dresser has the perfect pop of color for my grey walls and if I want to paint it again I can and not feel bad since it was very affordable.  Also, the knobs are a pewter color so it blends well with with different wood types that I am looking at incorporating throughout the house. There is also really pretty detailing that brings a more feminine feel into the living room.




The space above the dresser is what I need your help with.  I want to install 2 shelves and leave enough room to still add height to the top of the dresser with a great decor find.  I may even have a fancy tray set on top…. I’ll leave that talk for part 2 and focus on the shelving inspiration below.

There are so many amazing options out there for shelving and I have narrowed it down to 3 different looks that I like. Being able to DIY all of these options is such a plus. Please, Please help me decide what look is best!


Option 1. Thick Floating shelves 


Option 2. DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired 

kitchen open shelves.jpg

Option 3. Bracket Shelves 

What shelving option would you pick for my cutout?

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

Lindsay A. // Co-Editor

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