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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” 
— John Steinbeck

That moment when “winter” weather peeks its head out from the clouds and promises you a day of chilly, brisk air coupled with minimal sunshine… that’s when you run up to your closet and throw on your most comfortable, relaxed sweater with a pair of leggings and your most trusted boots (that you likely have to dust off). Ok — so that statement likely only pertains to those of us living in Southern California who anxiously await these sort of days so that we can finally wear an amazing section of our closet filled with jackets, boots, sweaters, scarves and more.

If you’re full-fledge into winter already, this combination of sweater + leggings + boots is a sure fire win every time. It offers endless mixing and matching and complete comfort at all times. I spiced up my look a bit by adding a fun statement necklace of a deep green hue and an equally fabulous messenger bag that doesn’t compete with any part of the outfit. My suggestion is to just simply adopt this as your “look” for the season” and call it a day!

I can hear the rest of you wanting to smack through the computer screen, but we honestly do want to support you in your winter endeavors!

Sweater and Boots | Modish and MainSweater and Boots | Modish and Main

Fall Style with Sweater and Boots | Modish and Main

Sole Society 'Rhea' Vegan Messenger Bag | Modish and Main

Frye Boots | Modish and Main

Sweater and Statement Necklace | Modish and Main

Sweater and Boots | Modish and Main

Tunic Sweater (GAP Outlet — similar here) | Frye Boots (similar style here) | Sole Society ‘Rhea’ Vegan Messenger Bag | lia sophia Jewelry

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