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Last week, I shared with all of you our first home tour of the dining room. As I highlighted in the post, one of our favorite features is the rustic bar cart I found at TJ Maxx. We weren’t sure moving into this new house if we even wanted our alcohol on display and actually started off with the bar cart finding its home underneath the stairs in the storage room. If need be, we’d roll it out to make cocktails with friends and family. Eventually, the cart was just being rolled out so often that for now we’ve decide to make it an accessible piece of furniture in our decor scheme.

Decorating a Bar Cart | Modish and Main

Wood Bar Cart at TJMaxx | Modish and Main Dining Room Home Tour

Not only does the rustic aesthetic of bar cart work perfectly in our home it has some great design features that are really functional. Since we tend to have a wide array of booze on hand, the two-tired cart allowed for us to keep all of our bottles shelved in the same location. The wine/cocktail glass holder is fun in that it allows us to display some of our prettier glasses and they’re easy to grab. I also like that the cart has a lip on the front so the bottles can’t miraculously slide off when moving the cart (or in case of an earthquake!).

Rustic Wood Bar Cart | Modish and Main

Rustic Wood Bar Cart | Modish and Main

Rustic Wood Bar Cart | Modish and Main

When we ultimately decided on keeping the bar cart in the dining room, we both agreed that it needed to have some decor featured so it didn’t scream “booze” from top to bottom. Though I’m not 100% set on how it’s decorated now, I do like the recent addition of a greenery on top to warm it up a bit. We also reused a wood candle holder to display our assortment of bar accessories. This saved us some valuable space inside a kitchen cabinet drawer.

Bar Cart Essentials | Modish and Main

Blend your love of wine and DIY by making your own candles! Over on the Cambria Wines blog, I share a step by step tutorial on how to create your own candles using your favorite wine bottles. Plus, it makes for great tabletop decor. Decorating a Bar Cart | Modish and Main

Rustic Bar Cart | Modish and Main

Rustic Wood Bar Cart | Modish and Main

I’ll be sharing some of our latest favorite cocktail creations we’ve been mixing up soon. In the meantime, take a peek at some of these delicious recipes — Cucumber Gimlet | Amaretto Driver | Mint Julep | Wine Spritzers | Caipirinhas | Mojito

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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