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The Guest Room Cozy Quarters


The holidays mark the time when family and friends come to visit (or rather you go to visit them) and it’s important to create a cozy, comfortable area where your guests can unwind, relax and feel at home. I love the personal amenities that staying at a family home can bring rather than a hotel room. From not having to go out for every meal to lounging around the house in your pajamas, the perks of  hosting guests are worth the extra little effort to make them comfortable.

Offer your guests the proper necessities and both of you will enjoy the visit better!

Fresh Linens — Be sure to have plenty of bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes available. If your guest wants to refresh them after a day or two, this eliminates having to ask the host for more.

Extra Blanket — Whether they get chilly at night or just simply want to curl up on the bed with a good book, an extra blanket is always handy.

A Good Book — speaking of reading, place a few of your favorite reads on the nightstand for your guests to enjoy. If you have extra magazines laying around, add those too. I particularly enjoy all of Emily Griffin’s novels! 

Luggage Rack — not only is a luggage rack essential in terms of having a place to store your luggage and get it off the ground, it also eliminates the urge for your guests to place their just rolled, stowed and who knows what else luggage on your bed! Way too many germs to even begin thinking about.

Trays — I love having an abundance of trays available for multiple purposes, but for guests it’s a great way to set out toiletries or nightstand essentials for them (water, flowers, books, etc).

Vases — flowers are such a great way to freshen up a room and make it feel welcoming for your guests. Grab some at your local market and store them in a chic, rustic vase like this one.

Candles — you can never go wrong with having plenty of candles available. Not only do candles smell good, but they provide a sense of comfort that guests will surely enjoy.

Vanity Mirror — I’m not opposed to keeping a vanity mirror in the guest room if you have space as it  allows your guest to get ready in the comfort of their room, especially if there is a wait time to use the restroom.

Lighting — make sure to provide ample lighting in the guest room to allow for nighttime reading and safe access to the bed (no stubbing toes here!).

Carafe — a carafe of water placed on the nightstand (in the wood tray of course!) is a nice touch of thoughtfulness on your part so the guests don’t have to wander in search of a cup and filtered water.

Chalkboard Signs — Ok, I love these and am ordering them ASAP! What a great way to provide your guests with the household password or even what’s available for breakfast!

Hamper — an extra dirty clothes bin keeps guests clothes off the floor and even offer to help get them started with washing their clothes before they head home. (Note: I’m not saying to do their laundry, just point them in the right direction of getting the first load going.)

Fan — some of us like to be chilly when we go to sleep and sometimes it’s just plain hot in the room. We never know what our guests like, so offering a sleek, stylish fan in the room should keep everyone happy.


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