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Decorating a home is such a personal adventure, one in which it is often very difficult or frustrating to  have a vision in your head and then make that come alive within the walls of your house. Now that we are living in our very own home (no more renting!), we are really focused on creating a space that truly incapsulates our personalities in each and every room, including his very own “man cave.”

A man cave is synonymous with bachelors, big screen TV’s, booze and ill hung posters. I’m all for him having his own space (hey, I get mine), but that doesn’t come without me having a few suggestions on helping him decorate it. They are only helpful suggestions, he can take them or leave them. 

When sitting down to think about how a man cave should look and factoring in the interests of Sean, it was perfect timing to collaborate with Mancrates.com on their Man Cave Makeover campaign.

The Man Cave | Modish and Main

Apartment Sofa by Crate & Barrel | Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood End Table | Williams Sonoma Striped Rug Pillow Cover | Serena & Lily Braided Abaca Rug | Restoration Hardware Vintage Motorcycle Prints 1 and 2 | Wayfair Industrial Motif Pharmacy Floor Lamp |  Hudson Whiskey Selection | Crate & Barrel ‘Glencairn’ Whiskey Glass | Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood Console Table

In designing this space, I wanted to stick with a cohesive theme in terms of color and overall feel. Here we went with a grey color palette and mixed in some pretty cool pieces in a similar tone, but with a whole new texture. A braided rug mixed with woven pillows, industrial lighting and surrounded by reclaimed wood elements screams for a rustic manly retreat.

Since he’s a music lover, framing some of his favorite albums and placing them in a grid pattern creates a really cool backdrop. On the other walls we’d dive into his passion for motorcycles with these vintage motorcycle prints. As women, we have to remember that this isn’t “our” room so we need to fill it with things that visually appeal to him and it must remain comfortable to fit his needsI know, I know …. it’s not easy!

Gifting a Man Crate to Sean, I’d pick the Whiskey Cocktail Crate as it literally comes with everything you need to pour yourself a great whiskey cocktail (well minus the whiskey!). From the shaker and muddler, to the extra large ice cubes and even the bitters + ginger beer…. it’s all here (take a look below at all the contents)! How great is that? The best part, it literally gets delivered in a wooden crate accompanied by a crowbar for the man to pry open himself.

Cocktail Contraptions

  • Two-piece Boston Shaker set
  • Standard issue 1oz/2oz jigger
  • Lemon juicer and strainer
  • Heavy muddler
  • Extra large ice cube tray

Mixing Material

  • A 1922 Original by Robert Vermeire (revised and updated)
  • Peychauds Bitters
  • Fever Tree Club Soda
  • Fever Tree Ginger Beer


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instrustions.


A big thanks to Man Crates for letting us be a part of your Man Cave Makeover campaign. Getting a jumpstart on designing his new man cave is just what we needed!

I love to picture him sitting in this room with a nice glass of whiskey at his side strumming the guitar and completely in his element. If he invites me in, all the better, otherwise I’ll just let him be to do his thing. So tell me, if your guy had (or has) a man cave… how would you encourage him to style it?

Keep Living a Stylized Life.

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